Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of Mythic Quest Season 2 returns to the office as Ian presents the newest expansion for Mythic Quest – Zeus. After Ian’s impressive showcase, Poppy stands up next and decides on a completely different direction for the game.

She wants to put the power back in gamers’ hands. Her expansion is called Hera… and it’s riddled with bugs. (Oh hello, Bethesda!) So much so in fact, she causes a worldwide outage. Woops.

Meanwhile, Dana continues to work on her goat simulator. Rachel interjects and tells her she’s thought of what she wants to do with her life – she wants to be a writer but doesn’t know how to do it. As she starts looking into this, Dana decides to go to Berkley for a writing program. In doing so, she inadvertently ends up in the same city as Rachel.

While Poppy scrambles to fix the problems with her game, she catches wind that Ian is in the hospital after fainting. He apologizes for being rude as the two sit together. For now, it seems like he’ll be okay. He’s severely dehydrated and not eating properly. As the doctor shows up, she hands over a vial of hair pills for Ian to take.

Elsewhere in the company, Jo buys out shares in Mythic Quest. It turns out she’s been working with Zack behind Brad’s back. However, in doing so this is construed as insider trading and a felony. This also means Jo is on verge of being completely screwed over.

Back in the hospital, everything unravels between Ian and Poppy. This all stems back to the group meeting and how dishonest Poppy is being. Eventually the pair air out their issues, leading to Poppy silently sitting with him, rubbing his hair soothingly.

The Episode Review

Ian has been surrounded by “yes” men for a long time and in a way, he’s needed a critical voice like Poppy to come along and tell him straight when things aren’t good. Zeus does feel like a generic expansion but then Poppy’s arrogance has got herself into trouble with such an ambitious idea.

In a way, these two work off the other’s synergy and with the finale up next, it seems like everything is building up for Poppy and Ian working together for the betterment of Mythic Quest.

Mythic Quest’s journey from office sitcom to dramedy has been a pretty surprising tonal change this time around but it’s one that’s worked reasonably well. This season has undoubtedly been different to the first, with a lot more emphasis on the supporting characters. Should the show have done this season 1? Probably. But it’s still an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

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