My Name – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of My Name begins with Jiwoo squaring off against Gongjae. The fight is brutal but a spinning backhand jab knocks Gongjae clean out. When he comes to, he’s not exactly happy and decides to spike Jiwoo’s drink.

Gangjae and Cheol-Ho slither down to her room, chuckling hysterically as Jiwoo struggles to remain conscious. After kicking Cheol-Ho into her father’s urn, she grabs the smashed china and squeezes it tight, determined to defend herself. As Gangjae comes at her with a hammer, she stabs him in the gut.

Gangjae is inevitably brought before Mujin who’s disappointed by his insolence. As punishment’s, he slashes Gangjae clean across the cheek, leaving a nasty, deep gash.

Given Jiwoo’s poor upbringing, Mujin heads in to help teacher her his ways. He takes her out to a restaurant where they share food and a drink. With Gangjae expelled, Mujin gives her a new alias to go by – Hyejin. He even hands over the gun used to kill Donghoon, which happens to be a police-issued firearm.

Years pass and our Jiwoo becomes integral to the organization she’s pledged herself too, going under the alias of Hyejin and infiltrating the police force. She’s quickly promoted up to Narcotics, where she reports to Captain Cha, following a brash operation where she busts in on another undercover officer, Pil-Do, posing as a drug dealer.

In secret, Hyejin meets Mujin and feeds back how she believes Captain Cha is involved in her father’s murder. Part of the reason Mujin is so dedicated to helping Jiwoo’s plight comes from his ties with Donghoon, who helped him out of a tricky spot years back. He showed his loyalty to the organization so in turn, so too is Mujin in raising her like a daughter.

Funnily enough though, Cha teams Pil-Do and Jiwoo together on the same case. Pil-Do’s not exactly thrilled with that, as the gang prepare to bring a guy called Mango in for questioning.

While this is going on, Captain Cha is convinced that Mujin is about to make his move, while the crime lord decides to put his faith in Jiwoo and her conviction to find her father’s killer. He’s also well-aware that if things go sideways then she’ll need to be killed.

Jiwoo can more than hold her own though, as she heads in and single-handedly takes out all the goons in the hallway. Heading to the end of the corridor, she stumbles upon a massive gambling operation. She singlehandedly grabs Mango, as Pil-Do catches up to her.

The Episode Review

The second episode of My Name starts to tighten the screw as we see Jiwoo working undercover. She’s determined to gain revenge for her father’s killing and it would appear as if Captain Cha could actually be responsible. Whether this is really the truth or a red herring though remains a mystery

However, this chapter perfectly serves to show Jiwoo’s resolve and resourcefulness, managing to stave off the threat of being abused and winning the fight against all the other gangsters. Mujin obviously has his personal reasons for helping her, and understanding how that ties in with her father is good to see.

For now, this follow-up chapter works well to show just how far Jiwoo will go to find out the truth, but are there more twists to come in this tale?

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