Mulligan – Season 1 Episode 2 “Morning in America” Recap & Review

Morning in America

Just before the invasion, we saw LaMarr getting excited by the prospect of being the only one in charge and rebuilding America to his vision. Episode 2 of Muligan’s agenda is suggested by Braun – conduct a census to get the full count of the survivors.

People still do not have electricity or bottled water, as Mulligan mulls ways to preserve America’s history and tradition. The census will help them understand what people actually need. Simon and Braun go together and the romantic flares light up. It seems to be unilateral from Simon’s side for now as Braun doesn’t take too much interest.

Mulligan arranges a romantic dinner with Lucy with some help from Scarpaccio. He is doing everything to impress her by taking an active interest in Lucy’s interests. Things like whale oil, “requisitioning” mustard packets etc. Lucy does not think too much of it but likes the fact that Mulligan is trying to grow and take responsibility.

Braun tries to warn Lucy that Mulligan is doing all of this to impress her. In the same breath, he concedes to this accusation to Axatrax. Lucy is a little concerned but wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Braun recounts her failed relationship with Neil deGrasse Tyson and asks Lucy to be careful. Something that TOD says inspires Braun to look at Simon differently and she tries to make an effort the next day with him during their census count.

Looking at the survivors, there doesn’t seem to be much of a useful pool of talent available to reconstruct America. Mulligan speaks with LaMarr about the whale oil issue and using it for lighting up the streets. But LaMarr deters Lucy from pursuing it.

He says they cannot dole out precious government resources like they’re a socialist country and asks Lucy to do more traditional First Lady roles in the White House like redecorating it (a direct reference to Jackie Kennedy).

LaMarr’s plan seems to work as Mulligan and Lucy play their parts to his liking. Braun asks Simon out for dinner but he is more obsessed with his discovery that Earth now has a considerably more amount of women than men.

Lucy is actually spiting LaMarr because of his suggestion by proposing to convert his boudoir into a traditional dining hall for the President. She knows how to play the game as well and isn’t some dumb pushover like Mulligan. Simon’s interest in Braun has died due to the realization that much more younger, attractive, and desperate women now roam the streets. She lambasts him for his mentality and insults him. But Simon is enjoying his fantasies turning into reality.

When push comes to shove, Lucy confronts Mulligan with the truth about his facetiousness. She tells him that even JFK and Jackie didn’t sleep together, even though they were Camelot in public. She found their “bedrooms” while roaming around the White House. Lucy suggests that she and Mulligan do not sleep together but still live their individual lives as the President and First Lady. He agrees to the arrangement but isn’t really alright with it as he genuinely likes Lucy.

LaMarr writhes with anger at seeing Lucy give out the whale oil to people and suddenly, he notices a light flickering in the distance, signalling to him in Morse code “Let’s get it started, homie!” But who is this mystery person?

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Mulligan chose a different tone and narrative arc than we had expected the show to do. It became less about reconstructing America and exploiting the comedy potential in exploring that and more about dated romances.

The humour was considerably dialled down and typified to make the show like any other sitcom. Lucy’s emergence as more than a character just about her beauty was a positive step.

Bucking the trend on characters like Simon and returning them to their normal instincts was also more in tune with the show’s roots.

Finally, we have a probable master evil plan unfolding as LaMarr makes contact with someone from the past that can get him what he wants.

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