Mr Corman – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Mr Corman

Episode 9 of Mr Corman begins with Josh continuing with his zoom classes. That evening though, he ends up receiving a phone call from his dad. He’s had a heart attack and needs a ride down to the hospital. En-route, Josh calls him out for the credit card fraud.

While they drive, his Dad changes his mind and decides not to go inside after all. Well, the pair wind up getting take-out coffees and walking up the street together. What begins as an insistent need to wear masks soon disappears, as the pair walk up the street together and don’t bother to wear one.

As they walk, he asks about Beth and his granddaughter. Josh’s father believes it was just a case of not showing up but Josh has other thoughts. He calls his Dad out for being high during their meetings and how he even dropped David too.

Eventually Josh opens up and reveals that Sarah is 5 and likes just playing quietly and not making much noise. It turns out Josh and his dad used to play this together but Josh can’t remember. He’s forgotten a lot of things it seems, with all the positive memories with his Father blocked out in favour of this judgmental behaviour he’s embraced.

Josh has heard enough and eventually walks away. When he does, his Father calls him out for this hypocrisy. After all, he too suffers from blaming everyone else for his failure. As he turns and walks away, that familiar bell chime from before kicks in again.

This whole affair links back to the past too, as Josh is taken outside with Beth when they were kids, watching as a meteorite descends. It doesn’t, obviously, but in our present timeline this vision manifests in the rock crashing down onto Earth.

The Episode Review

Thee penultimate episode to Mr Corman finally sees some character growth after so many chapters. The conversation between Josh and his Dad is an important one too and once again reinforces that Josh really doesn’t like himself very much.

As we’ve found out this season, he’s judgmental, irritable and quick to judge others for their lifestyle choices. All of these are ironic traits course, given Josh’s inability to pursue his dreams and be a better person.

Beyond that though, the show continues to struggle with its pacing and drama. There’s absolutely no comedy in this show beyond one or two misunderstanding jokes during the funeral episode. I genuinely have no idea why this show has been billed as a comedy because it’s really not funny.

Anyway, with the finale up next will Josh finally overcome his issues and become a better person?

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