Mr Corman – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Many Worlds

Episode 7 of Mr Corman begins with Josh and Megan performing together on stage. Rapturous applause breaks out from a stop-motion crowd as they finish their show and decide to do an encore. Prepare yourselves guys, this episode’s about to go full-on filler.

Megan grabs the mic just prior to that and mentions all the little steps in life that must have been taken to reach this exact moment in life. And just like that everything changes.

A stuffy office, a rich business and a salesman; Josh cycles through a number of alternate timelines with different jobs. In each off the successful ones, Josh isn’t exactly the shining beacon of humbleness. He’s arrogant, and in the case of the rich businessman scenario, flaunts his cash.

The jumps continue, sporadically darting from one bizarre scenario to the next. Another timeline shows Josh dead too. All the friends and family gather, admitting that Josh is one of the most judgmental guys they’ve ever known. Anyway, Josh’s Mum heads upstairs to her son’s room and inevitably breaks down crying.

It seems like this episode is here to serve the purpose of confirming one thing – Josh is not a nice guy. Regardless of his circumstances or his different walks of life, he’s always going to be this self-loathing man. Yay?

The Episode Review

Mr Corman returns with another wildly fantastical episode. As an art showpiece, the chapter does well to cycle through a number of different ideas and timelines. As a narrative piece, it’s pointless and tells us nothing we don’t already know.

The timelines all show Josh as judgmental and petty in almost every alt-universe. The interpretation from this is exactly what I wrote earlier. It seems like Josh is always going to be a terrible and unlikable protagonist in every timeline.

With less than a handful of episodes to go, let’s hope these final few episodes can actually deliver some decent narrative work as this feels like a very artistic filler.

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