Will there be a Lost Patient 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

The Lost Patient 2

In a similar fashion to Lucy, The Lost Patient’s protagonist Thomas Grimaud finds himself looking for answers and dealing with a ticking time bomb. In showcasing him spiraling into a dark world of truths about his mother and regrets about his past, Christophe Charrier carves palpable tension. The film was released on Netflix a couple of days ago and has left viewers reeling for answers. The trickery in plotting and pacing raises doubts about what actually happened to Thomas’ family and how he ended up in the hospital.

The conspiracy against him has a morbid truth and The Lost Patient does a decent job of preserving the central mystery until the very end. Given its ending, you must be wondering if it will have a sequel or not. Here’s what we know about a potential sequel for The Lost Patient on Netflix:

What is The Lost Patient about?

Thomas Grimaud wakes up in a hospital after his entire family is killed, except his sister Laura, who is missing. His therapist Anna works with him to make him remember the events of the night and those leading up to it. Thomas vividly recalls seeing a “monster”, or “the man in the black”, who murdered his family.

As the recollections get more intense and intrusive, Thomas has trouble distinguishing between reality and imagination. With more information, he starts to suspect Anna and the doctors of engaging in an elaborate conspiracy to keep him from Laura.

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Will The Lost Patient have a sequel?

The Lost Patient, unfortunately, has not been renewed for a sequel. It was always a long shot getting something like this approved from Netflix as it does not suit their modus operandi. And moreover, the project is not as high profile as some of its more illustrious peers on the platform. The film could not generate enough numbers and neither does it suit a sequel where the story can be taken forward like this.

What could The Lost Patient sequel plot be about?

Well, since the movie has not been renewed by Netflix, we will not be talking about the possible plot or a release date.

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