Will there be a Look Both Ways 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Look Both Ways 2

Look Both Ways borrows heavily from Sliding Doors, a movie released back in the late 90’s. With deviating timelines and a charismatic protagonist in Natalie, this one has certainly been an enjoyable watch.

The big question here though is will there be a Look Both Ways 2? Here’s what we know so far:

Will there be a Look Both Ways 2?

At the time of writing, there is no news of a sequel to Look Both Ways. This lack of news is hardly surprising given the movie has only just dropped on Netflix. However, the chances of another film are split down the middle – it may or may not happen.

On the one hand, the movie has a definitive – but suitably ambiguous – ending. On the other hand, it’s a popular premise, splitting a timeline into two realities, and certainly could see Natalie return with another choice later on in her life.

Look Both Ways has been received really positively from audiences with critics a little harsher but still liking this one. A follow-up movie would certainly please fans looking for more of the same.

Right now though, nothing has been officially confirmed but we’ll be sure to update this section when we know more!

What happens at the end?

We have extensive coverage of Look Both Ways on the site, including an ending explained that breaks down all the big plot points and events at the end of the movie. You can check that out HERE and do be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

When could the next Look Both Ways movie be released?

It’s difficult to say at this point as the movie hasn’t been confirmed. However, should Netflix decide to renew this one, it’s fair to say a story, production and filming would all need to be commenced. Not only that but the cast would need to find time in their busy schedules to take on this project too.

With all that in mind, we could well be looking at summer 2023 at the very earliest should this be greenlit a sequel.

What could Look Both Ways 2 be about?

It’s difficult to say at this point as a sequel has not been greenlit. However, there could be two paths a sequel could go down. Firstly, we could see Natalie faced with another choice further on in her not-too-distant life, with Gabe wrapped up in all this and along for the ride.

Secondly (and the one we’re more likely to go with), Look Both Ways 2 jumps forward in time, with Natalie’s child all-grown-up and ironically faced with the same dilemma or a similar fork in the road. It’ll be from their perspective that we see divergent timelines again, linking back together again at the end.

This is all just speculation as until a sequel is officially announced, we cannot say for sure what the next movie’s plotline could be.

Who will be in Look Both Ways 2?

If a direct follow-on is made, it really wouldn’t be the same without Lili Reinhart reprising her role. Similarly, Danny Ramirez would be welcomed in his role as Gabe. However, should we be graced with a time jump (as predicted above) then we could also see a new role open up for Natalie’s child.

That’s all we know for now but keep checking in on this page for updated information!

Would you like to see a sequel to Look Both Ways? What did you think of Netflix’s latest original? What would you like to see in the next movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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