Will there be a Donnie Darko 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Donnie Darko 2

Donnie Darko is a sci-fi mystery and one of 2001’s most famous films. Many people wish to see a sequel thanks to its popularity and confusing ending. If you’re one of those people, you might be in luck.

If you want to know everything about a possible Donnie Darko 2, you’re at the right place. Here’s what we know about a sequel:

What is Donnie Darko about?

One day, Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) sleepwalks and meets Frank, a strange person in a rabbit costume. He says the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. After waking up on a golf course, Donnie returns home to find out a jet engine crushed his room.

Eventually, after continuously having visions of Frank, Donnie’s parents send him to a psychotherapist. Here is where some of the theories start. Is Donnie detached from reality as his therapist says, or is he the only one seeing things straight? As Donnie’s life appears to be spiraling and Frank’s actions start to influence him more and more, he also begins hanging out with Gretchen Ross (Jena Malone).

Gretchen is a teenager who moves into town with her mom to escape her dangerous stepfather. Donnie’s relationship with her is integral to how the story proceeds and the meaning of everything. 

The depiction of troubled teenagers in an unbiased and interesting way makes Donnie Darko relatable to many people. Moreover, its discussion of themes like time travel, sacrifice, love, and reality makes it extremely popular. Obviously, the confusing ending also brings many curious people to the screen, trying to prove they can understand everything alone.

Will there be a Donnie Darko 2?

Surprisingly, Donnie Darko 2 already exists, and its name is S. Darko. However, if you’re looking for answers and a film with the same ideas and quality as its predecessor… Well, you might be disappointed. Fans hate the 2009 sequel and see it only as an atrocious cash grab.

Years after the events of the first film, Donnie’s sister (Daveigh Chase) starts sleepwalking and hallucinating like her older brother. Our new protagonist, Samantha Darko (look at the film’s title again), must understand her visions and save the world.

Samantha runs away from home and goes to Conejo Springs with her friend, where their car suddenly breaks down. Soon, they learn something strange is happening as they hear about a missing boy and see a meteorite destroying the town’s windmill. Samantha and her friend find themselves caught in a series of deaths and surreal situations.

Richard Kelly, Donnie Darko’s director, doesn’t direct the sequel. That might as well be one of the reasons the quality is so different. Fans criticize the new director, Chris Fisher, for making a movie that doesn’t understand what makes the first so good in their eyes. Fans say S. Darko tries to create a similar atmosphere with an intriguing plot, but the story is plain nonsense. The sequel also doesn’t escape critics for its other aspects. People see the dialogue and photography as disappointments.

Even though the reception is horrible, you never know. You might like the sequel, even if just in a “so bad, it’s good” way. Although chances point otherwise, you might be one of the lucky ones who get to enjoy S. Darko. If you do try it out, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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