Mountain Eye – First We Become Ashes | Album Review

Track Listing

One of Nothing
Away From Here
Let Me Dream Forever
Event Horizon
9 Knives
My Last Winter Trail


Mountain Eye is not for the faint-hearted, and definitely not music for the pop fanatic or the casual listener. Though, the passion shown here is remarkable, and the sound is decisive in an unconventional way.

Mountain Eye will not gravitate towards the soft side of things, as they’re not made to do so. Their approach is to alert the world of their presence, and their mission is to create a statement of intent, and to blow away the cobwebs of yesterday.

First We Become Ashes can be a trailblazer. It has that unapologetic sound and that engrossing formula built in. Every moment and every sinew of their being has been processed into this record, and while it may not be for everyone; the sincerity and compassion that the band show should be commended. And screams do ensue, growls become a frequent sonic influence, and the drama is frantic.

It is raw, this release, but one fully anchored towards being complete. At times, the music can be ruthless and unforgiving, but the lyrical charge keeps everything tight and interesting. These musicians from Amsterdam know a thing or two about showcasing their writing ability, and that’s evident in these songs.

‘One Of Nothing’ starts the record off in a fast-paced frenzy. The guitar work is absolutely frenetic, and the screams power in with vigor. It’s a fine beginning.

‘Watershed’ opens with pinned down screams until they break the seal. The instrumentals again are fascinating, and the wordplay sparks fury and those screams are demonic.

‘Event Horizon’ excels in a piano laden extravaganza, and the vocals appear from the backend. It’s a thrilling song, and a highlight. ‘Elemental’ meanwhile, shows clean vocals after the abrasive screams, and the story keeps on giving. The technical delivery here is seamless.

Mountain Eye dream big and their music isn’t for everyone, but it has a big heart. Their storytelling and musicianship are first class too.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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