Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Guide: “Ashen Hinterlands” Walkthrough

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Guide: Ashen Hinterlands

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Ashen Hinterlands

Tainted Serpent (Boss Fight)


Ashen Hinterlands is a personal favourite area, mostly because the aesthetic is so damn nice! Anyway, when you first arrive in this area, take a right and be sure to collect the Heavenly Lily before dropping down to the lower area.

Drop down from here and take a right. Before facing off against the green demon enemy, drop down the gap. Here, you’ll uncover a secret area which happens to hold a Berry location, which will need 10 in-game minutes to grow in exchange for Lunar Crystals. When the time passes, collect the Berry to increase your HP.

Head back up the wall and go to the right, being careful not to be struck by the cursed wisps of cloud on the way. Dropping down from here, you’ll find Cereza (talk to her to increase your bond) and another Heavenly Bell. Just under this area, you’ll find that familiar cat from before and a Lumen Fairy just above it.

Drop down from the Bell location and run quickly across the water. Be careful as there will be a bunch of giant fish heads that will poke their way up and attack you. In the next section, as the floating spiked skulls start descending, climb up the platforms to the right first to find a hidden area linking back to that earlier Berry (pictured below). Here, you’ll be able to grab 1x Sigil ‘Serval’.

Drop back down and head all the way to the left until you find a giant serpent. This is the Great Sorceress of Ishlith. In exchange for some new powers, she’ll require a new material Silver moonlit dust. However, in order to do this, Ishlith will also require you to take out another giant serpent. No pressure then!

From the serpent’s location, head to the left and drop down the first hole you come to. Go down the hole and collect up 1x Sigil, ‘Mudwalker’. Return back whence you came and as defeat the enemies in the arena before reaching a fork in the road. Here, you can choose to go left or down. Go down.

In this little section, curl around the room and grab the Berry on the other side. The puffs of cursed mist will pulsate so be sure to time your Wall jump to avoid this. Grab the Berry and climb back up again (pictured below).

On the left, you’ll find another Heavenly Bell. Just under this is an area blocked by white mist. When you unlock the ability to traverse through white mist, drop down the gap and head to the left over to the Hole in the Ground. Go down and eat the berry to increase your Stamina Regeneration speed.

Ignore this for now but make note of it for later. For now, go left. Drop down the first gap you come to (just before the Fast Wind you need to sprint against) and head to the right. You’ll find 1x Lumen Fairy there.

Zig-zag back through the area after running against the fast wind, and you should find the route down. So far, your map should look a little something like this:

Head down from here and go to the left first. At the far end you’ll find a Berry that will increase your Maximum Magic Affinity. Go back the way you came and this time go to the right.

When you drop to the next section, you’ll notice a Lumen Fairy, which is easy to grab. Simply move to the left, drop down and grab it. Keep moving all the way to the right until you come to a crossroads – with a route going down or to the right. This can be seen by the platform visible between two trees.

When you drop down into the next darkened area, there are two collectibles. The first is located on a route to the left, which we’ve marked in the dark for you to reach. It’s a hidden area too, just to the top left of the map. Curl around and talk to the little demon and “Accept the Trade”. In Doing so, you’ll gain a new Sigil ‘Living Blood’.

A Lumen Fairy is located at the very bottom of this section on the far left of your screen in the lower part of the maze.

Now, climb back up and head all the way to the right. As you do, be sure to grab the Berry. In the net section with the demon fighters, don’t drop down just yet and instead, wall jump up to find a hidden Lumen Fairy.

The next couple of sections are pretty linear, but be sure to time your jumps as you pass the Cursed clouds. On the way up, pull the lever on the left to open a route back to the earlier Heavenly Bell and save ourselves a lot of hassle! Now, jump up and around, being sure to grab the Berry on the way to increase your HP. Don’t drop all the way down but instead, hang to the Wall and take a right at the first exit you come to. We’ve marked both on the screenshot below (in the mini-map and on the main map).

Boss Fight – Tainted Serpent

It’s Boss fight time and we need to take out the Tainted Serpent which has some nasty moves. It’ll hone in on your location, snap its jaws a few times and then shoot out purple lasers from its eye to set locations. Be careful here, and you want to try and keep your distance from the main serpent and focus on taking out these pink orbs which strengthen the snake.

Attack from afar with your bow but be careful of your stamina bar depleting. Tainted Serpent has another nasty move where it’ll disappear up above and drop Cursed Clouds down before dropping at random areas. Dodge as best you can and make use of the platforms to attack Serpent when it slows down after its lunges either side.

This will be a rather long fight, and the best times to attack will be just after destroying the pink orbs and just before it winds up a massive laser attack that spreads across the arena.

When it drops to about 40% health or so, Serpent will intensify its attacks and the Cursed Clouds will also be somewhat more challenging to dodge.

Once the Serpent has finally been defeated, head to the right and Go Down The Hole when you get a chance. Defeat the enemies that show up and collect 1x Sigil, ‘Hare’.

With the Serpent defeated, head back to the left and this time, drop all the way down. At this point, your map should look something like this:

When you reach the lowest part of this section, don’t go to the right but instead, Wall Jump up to find a secret area (pictured below).

This is a frustrating area so be prepared to try and do this numerous times before you nail it. What you need to do is head all the way to the right. Jump across to the platforms on the left and then drop down. However, you want to quickly jump and hug the wall before jumping off and hitting the Heavenly Lily.

Once you’ve grabbed this, head back down again and go to the right into the next section. Here, go right and climb up to grab 1x Heavenly Lily.

With all of this done for now, return to the Heavenly Bell and we’ll need to leave Ashen Hinterlands and return to some previous areas to grab the materials we need. 

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