Modern Love – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Timeless Love

Episode 8 of Modern Love sees everything come together in the most beautiful way possible, as our stories converge against the backdrop of love through the ages.

We begin with Margot answering the door for her son, Chris, before getting back into bed. We then cut back in time and see her preparing for a run. In good shape, she waits for her love interest Kenji before inviting him to an upcoming fun run and her running club.

We then see Chris and Margot getting ready, while in the past Margot and Kenji have dinner together and grow closer. They move in and he proposes to her before we again jump forward to see Margot giving a eulogy at Ken’s funeral. It’s emotional stuff and her speech about timeless love and how old people can be young again is incredibly moving.

As she runs home alone after the service, her own personal tribue to his memory, Karla suddenly passes in a car and stops by Andy and Tobin’s. As the van passes, we see Guzmin waiting for Maggie as she crosses the road. She confronts him about an umbrella and as the rain lashes down, Joshua passes them in the street and comes across Julie at a restaurant. He tells her he and Emma got back together and wishes Julie all the best on her date.

In a diner nearby, Rob leaves and sees it’s raining, lamenting his luck. However Yasmine arrives and they talk, where she asks him on a date. Cycling home, Lexi is oblivious to the rain while Maddy is in a healthy relationship. As the episode closes out, we see Margot and the rest of the characters walking in their respective storylines, accompanied by a montage of moments from the season.

As a season closer, Modern Love delivers a beautifully written episode and certainly ends things on a high. Seeing all our characters come together at the end is a great moment and I do hope we get a second season of this romantic anthology. Despite the topsy-turvy quality of each episode, Modern Love has done well to offer some thematically relevant and well written gems amidst the mundanity of other episodes. Still, this serves as the perfect closer for Modern Love and ends things on a roar rather than a whimper.


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