Miss Universe – Nilüfer Yanya Album Review

Track Listing

In Your Head
Baby Blu
Heat Rises
Sparkle GOD
Safety Net
Monsters Under The Bed
The Unordained
Give Up Function
Heavyweight Champion of the Year


Split across 17 distinctly different tracks, Nilüfer Yanya’s debut album Miss Universe is a beautifully written, musical journey through Yanya’s psyche. With a heady cocktail of different instruments and some tightly produced compositional work, Miss Universe is a really impressive Indie album.

Much like Dave’s recent album, Miss Universe is set out to tell a very distinct story, broken up with interluding parts to add some diversity and narrative consistency. Miss Universe feels much more hedonistic in nature though, with the various breaks featuring a monotone, female voice from WWAY Health; a fictional Health organization intend on collecting customer data. This ultimately sets the mood for the overarching narrative here as Yanya takes us on a diverse, personal journey through the wide spectrum of Indie music.

At 23 years of age, Nilüfer Yanya’s debut feels much more mature than it first appears. There’s some deeply thematic lyrical content here and the way each track reveals another layer of her personality is really what makes this album so enjoyable to listen to. While a lot of the pitch and tonal shifts are quite similar between the tracks, it’s ultimately the differing use of instruments between them all that make this such an enjoyable and unpredictable listen.

Whether it be the guitar-dominating ‘The Unordained’ or the sexy, sun-kissed bliss of ‘Melt’ (my personal favourite), the differing use of dominant instruments and the way Yanya’s voice just seems to ease into each composition is really what makes this album stand out. Alongside the interluding segments involving the health company, Miss Universe is an album with a real narrative kick to it and one well worth checking out.

  • Verdict - 8/10

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