Mine – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Who Killed Ji-Yong?

Episode 12 of Mine begins with Ji-Yong reeling from Hi-Soo’s bombshell reveal. The divorce is on and Hi-Soo wastes little time telling him she’s going to raise Ha-Joon by herself. However, Ji-Yong immediately uses the might of Hyowon Group to put pressure on TV stations to shut out Hi-Soo and prevent her from appearing on-air.

Jin-Ho learns the truth about Ji-Yong’s fights though and confronts him in his office. Unfortunately Ji-Yong more than matches him blow for blow, bringing up his alcohol dependency and escape from rehab.

Jin-Ho doesn’t fare much better with Seo-Hyun or Hi-Soo either, finding Ji-Yong too much of a match for now. Soon-Hye however, aims to change that.

She learns that the chairman is heading home and confronts him when he walks through the front door. She demand he stay with Ji-Yong which they agree to… on the condition that Butler Joo go with them. With little choice, she leaves the mansion and shows up at their house to stay. Of course, this is made all the more awkward given the divorce on the table.

Seo-Hyeon immediately starts playing with fire and sends the video of Hye-Jin on to all the directors, including Director Cha who immediately rings and questions Ji-Yong about the video.

This is, of course, greeted with nonchalance as he claims Hye-Jin is insane. He even decides to move Seo-Hyun’s office too. Only, she refuses to allow this and sends a message through his lackeys on to the boss, “Ji-Yong, know your place.” When they leave, Seo-Hyun schedules a lunch with the presidents.

Hye-Jin and Hi-Soo meanwhile, obtain the address for the cage fights and head up there immediately to check it out. With pictures taken, they visit the reporter and decide to blow this scandalous issue wide open for the whole world to see.

In order to fight this, Hi-Soo tells Hye-Jin to look after Ha-Joon while she takes on Ji-Yong. Unfortunately Ji-Yong’s influence has rubbed off on Ha-Joon, as he enthusiastically claims he wants to be just like him in the future.

At the airport, Seo-Hyun arrives to see Suzy off. She thanks Suzy for being in her life and tells her to be happy. It’s a really thoughtful and touching sentiment from Seo-Hyun, who for so long has denied her true feelings. She finishes her picture and hands it over to Suzy, who gladly takes it as the two hug.

On the way back, she receives the photos from Hi-Soo and heads home. There, she finds Jin-Ho waiting for her and congratulates him on a job well done. She soon arrives into Ji-Yong’s house though, pushing past him and confronting the Chairman. She tells him to make up his mind.

Joo meanwhile, takes him to the secret bunker “Cadenza” under the mansion but makes sure to shut the door on him without him knowing.

Seo-Hyun speaks to Hi-Soo about Mother Emma and how everyone in the family has had counselling… apart from Ji-Yong. Could it be that he and Mother Emma are only pretending not to know each other?

Jin-Ho’s plan goes awry though when Su-Chang is killed. With their eyewitness gone, Hi-Soo plays her trump card and introduces Ji-Yong to Ha-Joon’s new tutor – Hye-Jin. Realizing he’s been duped, he tries to figure out what to do next.

As the episode closes out we cut forward to the night of the murder and see another figure overlooking the action. It’s Hi-Soo!

The Episode Review

So who did kill Ji-Yong? This is the one question hanging over Mine now and honestly, it could be anyone at this point. It’s the hallmarks of a great murder mystery and the second half of this show has been far superior to the first in that respect.

The revelation that Hi-Soo is there on the balcony, alongside Mother Emma’s lies, Jin-Ho, Hi-Soo and Seo-Hyun’s very obvious and distinct reasons for killing leave this wide open. So who, out of this lot, killed Ji-Yong? What are we thinking guys? Do let us know your predictions in the comments below!

With Ha-Joon on the verge of leaving with Hye-Jin and Suzy Choi now gone, the final 4 episodes look set to ignite this conflict in the best possible way. Or will there be a dreaded Netflix cliffhanger? We’ll have to wait and see but the next couple of episodes look set to provide some unmissable action!

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