Midnight Suns Ending Explained – Are Lilith and Hunter killed in the final fight?

Midnight Suns Plot Synopsis

The narrative woven through this all starts with HYDRA scientist Doctor Faustus, who resurrects Lilith in the hopes of using her to help HYDRA conquer the world. With the foe too powerful for our heroes, including Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Captain Marvel, Wanda Maximoff stays behind to fight Lilith while the others retreat to the Abbey, recruiting the Midnight Suns and resurrecting the Hunter, a customizable new hero who happens to be Lilith’s child and killer.

From here, the game really picks up as you control Hunter and team up with various heroes to conquer missions, getting stronger to take on Lilith and put an end to her evil ways. Along the way you’ll encounter a number of different foes, both supernatural and human, with some mini-bosses thrown in for good measure.

Is Hulk saved from the darkness?

After taking the fight from New York to the American South, including a botched plan with Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze that ultimately ends in disaster, we come to the final third act of our story. The final pages of the Darkhold are in Lilith’s hands, thanks to Fallen Hulk who happens to be under her control.

Before Lilith can restore the Darkhold, our heroes manage to hold her off, purge the darkness from Hulk, and tip the balance of power in our heroes’ favour. However, it’s only a matter of time before Lilith strikes. And unfortunately that happens sooner rather than later.

How do our heroes intend to stop Lilith?

Lilith’s plan involves using the monstrous Chthon during the midnight sun eclipse, freeing this evil god and intending to wipe the Earth clean. But not if Hunter and the Midnight Suns have anything to do with this.

With demons unleashed across the world, Hunter and Captain America manage to stop Crossbones before bringing them to a dagger that could help them destroy the Darkhold. Thanks to Nico’s information, The Hunter and Wolverine learn this ancient blade is known as The God Killer. Its actually made from Cththon’s flesh and in destroying the book, our heroes theorize that it should also stop Chthon’s resurrection.

The Midnight Suns rally together and attempt to interrupt Lilith’s ritual. When they arrive at Chthon’s realm, a last minute twist sees us learn that Lilith has actually been their ally all this time! Lilith reveals that she doesn’t want to summon Chthon to be her servant and destroy the Earth, but instead use the Darkhold to destroy this God for good. This explains why Lilith never attacked the Abbey and all those dream sequences with the Hunter, trying to talk her around to her cause.

Lilith removes Hunter’s magical shackle around her neck in a bid to unlock her true power. Unfortunately, it causes Hunter to be possessed by Chthon. The god takes control of the Hunter, stabbing Lilith. After the other heroes free Hunter from this dark energy, Lilith realizes she needs to destroy the Darkhold to kill Chthon. As such, she uses the God Killer. The plan works, but the book grows unstable and spews out a lot of Magical energy.

Are Lilith and Hunter killed?

In a last-ditch plan, Lilith uses her power to rescue the Midnight Suns, sending them back to The Abbey and saving them. However, Hunter stays behind with Lilith, given they’ve both been corrupted by the Darkhold. As the pair hug, they’re engulfed by the Darkhold’s magic.

The rest of the Midnight Suns are back at the Abbey and share a moment together, reflecting on the events that have transpired as the sun rises. It’s hinted that the pair are dead but if you stick around after the credits, more is revealed around this.

Is there a post-credit sequence?

Yes! Stick around for this one as Midnight Suns features two post-credit sequences. The first sees the group back at the Abbey, with Caretaker theorizing Hunter and Lilith’s bond may be enough for them to survive the detonation of the Darkhold. They could still be out there together, hinting at a possible sequel on the table.

The second after-credit sequence sees us back in Chthon’s realm, where a mysterious armored figure walks toward a pile of rubble. Lilith and The Hunter can be heard echoing in the distance, as this figure closes in on the Darkhold. It survived the explosion and seemingly remains intact. This figure laughs evilly, touching the book with an armored hand as he mutters “amateurs”.

So who is this figure? Well, many Marvel fans will probably have guessed that this is Doctor Doom, potentially hinting at a sequel revolving around him and a possible appearance for the Fantastic Four too!


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