MF Ghost – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Shocking New Generation of MFG

Episode 2 of MF Ghost begins with the start of Kanata’s lap around the Odawara Pikes Peak as Ren stares in disbelief. Kanata’s airs on the television and Ren’s parents at home discuss his endeavor to find his father given his past. Mr. Ogata advises him over the radio. Aiba questions Mr. Ogata if the car is sufficient to perform well in the race.

They observe Kanata’s position shifting up the ranks and is currently at position 54. Kanata precisely maneuvers the car through the turns while maintaining speed and pushes up the positions on his first day. Aiba is surprised as Kanata is doing this despite the relatively low-powered engine.

Ogata runs him through Kanata’s thought process having grip-to-weight ratio as the critical component of the analysis. Ogata explains Kanata’s point that a heavier car means fatter tires, rendering mid-engine designs and four-wheel drive with disadvantages. Kanata acknowledges how game-changing the only rule of the sport is and gets to know Ryo Takahashi has come up with the rule, a real man of mystery.

In the meantime, Kanata has almost completed Sector 1 and maintains position 52. Aiba is shocked, as Kanata claims he is getting used to the new car and claims that he will pick up the pace now. Kanata finds the car to be optimal as it is perfectly balanced. He climbs up to position 48. Just then, Royosuke is informed that Kanata enrolled with the name Katagiri instead of Rivington and managed to slip through.

Kanata continues to cruise through the course and reaches the 44th position. Unfortunately, Kanata struggles during the uphill portion of the race and drops a place before entering Sector 3. Just then, Aiba takes the communication device and advises Kanata to slow down, as it is too dangerous. Kanata assures him that he has memorized the course from the movie and just needs to focus.

Kanata enters the steep downward section, which has an 864-meter drop along the sides. Kanata gains a place every time he passes a checkpoint, surprising everyone with his skills. 

Aiba suspects the car can spin out of control at any moment but realizes he’s been safe until halfway along. He finally acknowledges Kanata’s skills claiming he can break into the godly 15. He realizes that telling him to slow down isn’t a good move anymore and decides to motivate Kanata instead.

Kanata manages to shoot up to the 41st position as he approaches Odawara Pikes. This concerns Ren, and she hopes for his safety. Kanata enters the low-visibility area, which is clogged by volcanic gases. Aiba fears for Kanata because the place sees a lot of accidents caused by poor roads. 

Kanata’s 2d map of the place will simply not be enough to go by.  He, however, is shocked as Kanata couldn’t have memorized so much from a demo run movie. He informs Kanata that she has only 16 cars to go. Kanata manages to reach position 24, maneuvering through the low visibility zones with ease.

Kanata makes it out of the smoky area with ease and pulls Fujiwara Takumi’s super high-speed four-wheel drift, reminding everyone about the black-and-white Panda Trueno. With this, Kanata has only 4 cars to go.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 resumes with the trial round and presents a remarkable performance by Kanata, beating all odds with the Toyota 86. This chapter dives deep into the physics behind motorsport while talking about the car section and the techniques used by Kanata.

For a while, Aiba seemed to be jealous of Kanata, and his advice seemed to be deliberately pulling him down. However, later, it was evident that he was just looking out for Kanata’s safety. The episode focuses solely on the lap, and after a while, it gets repetitive. We might get to see some further developments in the storyline in the next episode once the lap ends.

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