Melting Me Softly – Episode 5 (9&10) Recap & Review


Melting Me Softly returns with a decent episode this week, featuring some tense moments and more mystery surrounding the man responsible for Professor Hwang’s accident. While both protagonists are slowly adjusting to the modern ways of society, they seem to be growing closer to each other, just as many may have expected.

The episode starts with Dong-Chan bursting into Ha Young’s office and confronting her about not doing anything after he went missing. She replies that she couldn’t have done anything and never stopped hoping for some news from him. Dong-Chang, Hyun-Ki and Hong-Seok discuss Mi-Ran’s demands and wonder whether giving her a job is a good idea. Dong-Chan then meets with her, offering her a 3 month internship. She reveals that her main ambition is to become a variety director before the conversation turns to their body temperature, with Dong-Chan revealing they have to make sure they keep it at 31.5 degrees.

Meanwhile, Mi-Ran’s parents are discussing their daughter’s health and decide to contact Dong-Chan to find out more about the situation. As Dong-Chan drives away from his flat, he quickly realises that he’s being followed by two men in a van. After confronting and threatening them, we see that they were hired by the mysterious man we met in the previous episode. His assistant suggests looking for Chairman Lee Seok Du’s capsule instead while his boss tells him that they’ll either need to find Professor Hwang and kill him or Seok Du’s capsule and destroy it.

Mi-Ran’s parents come face to face with Dong-Chan’s soon after. Dong-Ju soon gets offended when she finds out they knew they were frozen, as she feels that they should have told them what they knew about the experiment. She then angrily blames their misfortune on them. Mi-Ran’s father decides to calm everyone down and relays his concerns over his daughter’s health. Just as Dong-Chan’s mother blames it all on Professor Hwang, Dong-Chan arrives with him in tow.

Byong-Sim gets the shock of his life when he realises that it’s actually Mi-Ran and not her mother he’s been seeing. Meanwhile his wife, Young-Sun, discusses her husband with Kyung-Ja and wonders how he will react if he sees Mi-Ran at school.

As both sets of parents are stuck with the professor, they come to an agreement on where he’ll stay while Dong-Chan confronts Hyong-Sok about the situation. He tells him he had no choice and had to listen to the CEO. However, he offers him compensation and his car for those 20 years as way of keeping him quiet.

Mi-Ran, who’s still struggling with the new technology, gets to know her two fellow students Young-Jun and Ji-Hoon. Still being followed by the same two men, Dong-Chan arrives at Mi-Ran’s school to give her a new mobile and ask if her show proposals are ready. After an awkward meeting with Young-Sun and Kyung-Ja, Dong-Chan receives a call from his brother-in-law who wasn’t able to find out much about his stalkers.

Kyung-Ja and Young-Sun discuss their bad luck in love with Mi-Ran. This prompts her to remember her ex Byong-Sim and tells them how she feels sorry for his wife, not knowing she’s looking right at her. After Mi-Ran leaves, her friends decide not to mention anything for now. Meanwhile, the stalkers continue to follow Dong-Chan around, eventually bumping into Ha-Young. She asks him to go for dinner but he declines, explaining that he needs to spend time with his family instead.

Before heading home, he meets with Mi-Ran to offer her the internship and explains that Professor Hwang is staying at her house during the night. As they both head to the car park, the stalkers arrive and manage to kidnap them. After taking them away in the back of their frozen food truck, they decide to stop in a secluded place. As the frozen truck has no effect on them, Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran manage to get the better of their captors and escape.

After walking for miles, Mi-Ran faints due to her body temperature rising too high. After carrying her, they stop a speeding vehicle and rush to hospital where Dong-Chan orders the doctors to lower her temperature. The episode then ends with Dong-Chan on the news with Ha-Young, announcing that he’s the first person to survive a cryonic experiment.

This week’s episode has certainly picked up the pace with the kidnapping of our two main characters and the threat of the mysterious man hanging over them and loved ones. What is his motive and what are they trying to hide? Dong-Chan is certainly starting to see Mi-Ran as a potential love interest too, however it seems that Mi-Ran isn’t quite there yet as she appears to be closer to Hi-Joon.

Melting Me Softly has certainly been a slow burn but with each episode it brings something new and right now it feels like the show is finding the right balance between humour and drama. The episode ends on a big cliffhanger too, with Dong-Chan revealing to the world what’s happened to him and it’ll be interesting to see what the repercussions will be and whether this will put our characters in even more danger.

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