‘Mario Vs Donkey Kong’ Release Date, Platforms & Game Length

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 

A remarkable title from the Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA) days is making its way on the Nintendo Switch soon. 

This is a remake of the original GBA Mario Vs. Donkey Kong video game. In it, you’ll assist Mario in reclaiming his factory’s mini-Mario toys from his long-time rival, Donkey Kong. Gameplay-wise, you must navigate through 130+ levels, each offering different enemies, puzzles, and hurdles for you to triumph over. 

The remake’s plot is seemingly the same as the original title. However, this game contains new elements not found in the original. Having said that, this remake includes gorgeous cinematics, two new worlds, updated graphics and music, and more. Like the original, you can expect several levels to contain useful tools that’ll aid you in battle and letter-boxes for you to collect. 

Additionally, some levels will ask you to lead a horde of mini-Mario toys to a chest, so it’s important for you to tread carefully during these sections. Each world ends with a dramatic battle with Donkey Kong, which is inspired by the original arcade hit, Donkey Kong

Here’s the official synopsis from Nintendo:

If you’re looking forward to this forthcoming game, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have long to wait.

What platform is Mario Vs. Donkey Kong releasing on?

As you can expect, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong will only be available on the Nintendo Switch. It will launch on February 16th, 2024, two days after Valentine’s Day. 

Is Mario Vs. Donkey Kong single-player or multiplayer?

The game can be played alone or in 2-player local co-op.

The multiplayer modes include:

Story Mode: You’ll control Mario while your buddy can play as Toad. Nintendo states you can play all 130+ levels together on the same system, with some levels feeling different when played this way. 

Will there be any DLC?

No downloadable content has been announced for Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (so far). However, if the game sells exceptionally well then there’s a slim chance Nintendo could release DLC for it down the pipeline. 

How long is Mario Vs. Donkey Kong?

We don’t know how long it will take to complete this Mario Vs. Donkey Kong remake at this stage. However, the original GBA game took about 5 hours to beat (or 10 hours with 100% completion). Since this game includes two additional worlds for players to tackle, we assume it’ll likely take you longer to beat and/or complete this game. 

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Trailer

Are you looking forward to Mario Vs. Donkey Kong? Have you played the original Gameboy Advance game before? Let us know in the comments below. 

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