Marcus Mumford – (Self-Titled) | Album Review

Track Listing

Prior Warning
Better Off High
Only Child
Dangerous Game
Better Angels
Go In Light


Hailed as the frontman of popular band Mumford And Sons, Marcus Mumford strips back here with his solo effort, an LP simply called (self-titled). The intelligent singer/songwriter pushes the boundaries of his talents, and on (self-titled), he grimaces, and he becomes angry at the world, and when the lyrics come in like little notes of truth and desire, they elevate the record. And Mumford has always been adept at writing lyrics which create suspense, but do not glorify happiness, as they are usually sombre.

Mumford sounds confident on this release, pushing the written word to the limit while trying to conquer his fears. These fears may stem from insecurities, and Mumford isn’t invincible from feeling the effects of downward days and crashing voids. As the frontman of a band that has achieved mountains of success, he still seems grounded and sincere, excluding any arrogant notions.

The music is calmer and the instrumentals aren’t as volatile, though they meet expectations. The tight guitar moments do not elevate much here, but there are wonderful backbeats and undertones to deliver contrasts. And Munford doesn’t lose momentum at any moment, and his composure is admirable. He’s truly a talent with big ideas, making waves in an industry which is hard to break.

‘Cannibal’ starts proceedings. It’s a slow beginning, and Mumford sings with subtle notes. He’s angry, and he can still taste the lips of a former lover. The slow build up creates tension.

‘Only Child’ is an acoustic charm, but it doesn’t bolster the album with noise. It’s a subtle inclusion, and one that excels even when there’s not much to it. ‘Better Angels’ by comparison opens commandingly and forms a musical backbone, though it’s not an abrasive song by any means.

Marcus Mumford shows his talent on (self-titled), a calm collection full of memories, good and bad, and wisdom that grows over time.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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