The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House – Episode 4 “Wish” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House kicks off with a little luck when Momoko receives a rare 4-leaf clover taxi card. The holder is supposed to have their wish granted. But the women of maiko house all want a little luck too, so they excitedly put the good-luck charm up on the wall so that they might all partake in the good fortune.

Kiyo and Sumire have a day off, so they visit a monument of a sports shrine, where they pray and spin a stone ball so that their friend Kenta will win his sports tournament. On their way home, they catch Momoko praying at a shrine. At home, they whip up a treat to send to Kenta.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tanabe and Mother Azusa don’t have much romantic development; they take another walk together and make small talk.

Momoko is also enjoying her day off with Iwai when Iwai asks Momoko to be a part of his future, but she doesn’t want to quit being a geiko. Her frustration is evident.

Back at the house later, the mothers are enjoying a treat that Kiyo made when someone knocks at the door. It’s Sumire’s father who has come to take her home. But after talking to the house mothers and Yoshino, and seeing Sumire practice, his mind is changing. When Kiyo serves him a braised eggplant dish that brings tears to his eyes, he finally allows Sumire to decide for herself. At this time, we also learn that Ryoko is actually Mother Azusa’s daughter.

That night, Ryoko takes down the good luck card and gives it to Sumire, but Sumire gives it to Kiyo. Sumire informs her father that she will be the greatest Maiko in the region. Kiyo makes Mother Azusa a cup of coffee, and Mother Azusa asks Kiyo what she will wish for. The episode concludes with Kiyo sweetly wishing for Sumire to be a maiko.

The Episode Review

This episode was just as good as the last one. In the first episode, Sumire’s parents didn’t even say goodbye to her, so it was good that they gave us a glimpse into why that was.

It seems like it’s been a while since the girls have visited home, though. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Kiyo’s grandmother and Kenta again soon.

Kiyo’s character is extremely kind, and she is very lovable. But it’s still unclear what her backstory is, and as we are nearly halfway through the series, whether they’ll tell us is doubtful.

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