Magnolia Park – Baku’s Revenge | Album Review

Track Listing

Feel Something
Radio Reject
Addison Rae
Ghost 2 U
I shoud’ve listened to my…


Magnolia Park is a band taking pop punk and adding their own unique slant, creating songs which seem upbeat but actually have an emotional undercurrent. They also orchestrate guitar sounds that are original, and lyrically the act detail stories about the real world.

Their new album Baku’s Revenge popularizes pop punk but doesn’t kill it, and the themes are blunt and insightful. Breaking into this scene takes guts and sheer determination, but this band has all the tools to do so.

Baku’s Revenge is a record bluntly telling stories about the world – and specifically the band’s world – and how broken it is. These songs are anthems for the wounded, the broken-hearted, the hopeless, and the people desiring closure from the aches and pains of growing old. Every lyric lands like a bomb, and while the music may be from a pop punk angle, it’s a record that’s undoubtedly loud.

Baku’s Revenge boasts 11 tracks on this record. ‘Radio Reject’ opens bashfully, and the vocals come in rapidly. That chorus lifts the track and the guitars are on high alert, giving their sound a desirable touch. ‘Paralyzed’ starts in the same vein, and the vocals describe deep worry and the burden of addiction. It’s a volatile song, and again, it shows that emotional undercurrent. ‘Ghost 2 U’ conveys sorrow and the importance of being sane and it’s a slower song, one bountiful in hooks and guitar wonder.

Magnolia Park hit the right notes here and their music has that certain something, an infectiousness which becomes relentless, though there is substance to it all too.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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