Made In Abyss – Season 2 Episode 11 “Value” Recap & Review


Episode 11 of Made in Abyss Season 2 begins with Moogie, Riko, and the others questioning what happened between Reg and Faputa’s fight. Suddenly, Faputa walks out of the pathway Reg made earlier with Reg in her arms. He’s unconscious as Riko–and the others stare at them in shock. She places Reg on the ground and awakens Juroimoh.

Faputa orders Juroimoh to keep Reg grounded so that he can’t interfere with her murderous plan. Faputa approaches Riko, asking her what she did to Reg and why he can’t remember their time together. Riko tries to explain, but Faputa cuts her off out of rage. Moogie feels Faputa’s planning to attack Riko and orders everyone to protect her.

Meanwhile, Vueko asks Wazukyan to let her go so that she can try to stop Faputa. Wazukyan denies her offer, saying that she’ll just get killed. Two Hollows try attacking Faputa while her guard is down, but she dodges. She attempts to attack Riko, but Gaburoon shields Riko from her attack. Faputa leaps back and tells Gaburoon that he doesn’t have to protect her.

Gaburoon disagrees, saying that if she lays a hand on Riko, Faputa will no longer be able to return and lose Reg. He feels by protecting Riko–he’s safeguarding Faputa’s future. Gaburoon tumbles to the ground, leading Faputa to question herself. While she’s lost in her thoughts, Moogie asks Riko to blow her whistle. Riko says she can’t because Prushka’s drained and isn’t responding to her. Although Faputa questions her actions, she can’t find a reason for stopping her tirade.

Faputa remains dead-set on destroying everything and everyone in Iruburu. Before she could strike, a purple substance splashed across her face, distracting her. Then a large tail swipes at her, causing Faputa to distance herself from Riko and her friends. The attack doesn’t damage Faputa though she breaks free from this being’s grasp and heads for a safer location. She demands to know what’s going on now.

We pan over to another pathway, revealing that Nanachi and Belaf have arrived on the scene. Nanachi dawns on her new gear given to her by Belaf’s Hollow buddies while Belaf is behind her. Nanachi scolds Faputa for her heinous actions, but Faputa follows up, asking Nanachi what she wants. Nanachi doesn’t give her a clear answer. Belaf tells Nanachi that they’re running out of time. This is because, like his Hollow buddies and Mitty, he’s slowly fading away.

Nanachi and Belaf prepare to strike at Faputa, who is readying herself. She senses Irumyuui’s scent from Belaf, inferring that he was one of the people who took part in eating her siblings in the past. She warns Belaf that he will die by her hand and rushes at him. Belaf says he’s happy to have finally met Faputa, as he plans to bestow her with one of his most previous treasures. As he’s in his thoughts, Faputa strikes and tears off chunks of his flesh.

Faputa’s infuriated with Belaf’s lengthy body. She demands him to tell her how many of her siblings he ate. As Faputa deals her final blow, Belaf sprays his memory-filled mist onto her. This is the same substance he shrouded Nanachi in that allowed her to peer into Belaf’s memories. Suddenly, we get a montage of stills depicting Belaf, Vueko, and Irumyuui’s time together. Faputa asks what’s going on, while Belaf says his time on the planet has reached its end.

He tells Faputa that he’s happy she’s alive and there will come a time when she can decide her own value. Faputa’s confused as pieces of Belaf’s body crumble and fall to the ground. As Faputa falls from the sky, Belaf tells her he’d like her to enjoy her adventure. Belaf perishes. While Faputa’s looking at the ground in confusion, some Hollows take note and plan to strike her.

Before they’d attack, Nanachi tells them to keep away from the perimeter because Iruburu’s membrane has been torn. She warns them that they will suffer a similar fate as Belad if they make contact with the outside world. She turns her attention to Moogie and asks her to bring Riko with them and let her rest. She argues Iruburu’s lower levels will hold up better than where they’re now. Nanachi plans to wake up Reg in the meantime.

Nanachi peers over at Faputa, telling her that she understands her situation regarding Belaf’s memories. She tells her it feels like you’re experiencing them in real time. Although these memories are holding Faputa down, Nanachi knows it won’t be enough. Nanachi rushes toward Reg and glances at Wazukyan. She heeds the words Belaf toward her about him, saying they shouldn’t underestimate him. She knows this is all a part of Wazukyan’s plan but doesn’t know what they could entail.

Nanachi predicts the worst outcome involves Riko being on the verge of death and Faputa relinquishing one of her bodily organs to Riko to win over Reg’s heart. This thought leads Nanachi to another theory involving Wazukyan utilizing Riko as a new host for the Cradle of Desire. This will allow him to force Riko to make a wish that will challenge the Golden City’s current laws. Although she feels like she’s overthinking things, Nanachi vows to prevent Wazukyan from committing anything heinous.

Meanwhile, Vueko is heartbroken over Belaf’s death, while Wazukyan argues he put on a great show. Vueko questions his words. Wazukyan tells her what Belaf said to Faputa came from his heart and that Faputa knows everything about Vueko and Irumyuui’s relationship. He informs her that Faputa will no longer attack Vueko now but worries that he’ll be her next target. He tells Vueko that he used up all his powers to protect Iruburu. Suddenly, he cradles Vueko in his bug-like arms to form a cocoon. He leaps toward a hole, carrying Vueko in his arms to hide from Faputa.

Afterward, we pan over to Faputa, who tries to make sense of the memories she received from Belaf. The scene she’s witnessing involves Belaf, Vueko, and Irumyuui spending time together. Irumyuui tells Belaf that he feels like a father figure to her. This memory is slowly eating at Faputa, as she doesn’t want to stop her tirade. However, the memory is convincing her too. Faputa relates herself to a fire that cannot go out and must desecrate all who have wronged her family.

As she’s fighting back her feelings, a hermit rat approaches her. This hermit rat causes Faputa to recall a memory featuring her mother and Vueko playing with a hermit rat (the same one that died in a past episode). Wiping away her tears, Faputa informs them that they must get away as they’re all in danger.

Suddenly, a large winged creature grabs the hermit rat in front of Faputa, startling her. Everyone’s surprised as Nanachi ponders if it’s another Hollow from Iruburu. Suddenly, they hear a loud explosion, signalling to Nanachi that monsters from the sixth layer are heading toward Iruburu. She notes they can do so because Iruburu’s defenses have disappeared, allowing them access to the village.

Her fears come true; as the sixth layer’s former ruler, the turbinid dragon appears. The turbinid dragon roars, leaving everyone, including Faputa, speechless. Suddenly, more monsters enter Iruburu and wreak havoc upon the Hollow villagers. Nanachi flees behind a rock and notes the impending doom that awaits them all. Moogie and the others witness the deaths of multiple Hollows. She fears there’s nothing they can do because the monsters outnumber them.

Maaa calls Moogie, reminding her that they must evacuate Riko to Iruburu’s lowest level. They get startled by Faputa, who is infuriated that the monsters are killing and eating her prey (the Hollow villagers). Faputa attacks one of the monsters, telling them not to steal her duty and reason for living. The other monsters witness Faputa’s attack and come to their comrade’s need. A group of large skunk-like creatures attack Faputa and begin tearing at her bodily organs.

Faputa manages to back them off her. Unfortunately, she’s wounded during her scuffle with the skunk-like monsters. Faputa glances around her environment, taking in the carnage before her eyes. With tears in her eyes, Faputa is upset that these creatures are stealing her mother’s wish from her. Out of rage, Faputa attacks another monster, only to be grabbed by a green one. Faputa uses her claws to rip open its chest, to get it to release her from its grasp.

The green monster screams in pain, and Faputa decides to enter the monster’s wound to deal a mighty blow. Meanwhile, a pink T-rex-looking monster bites the green creature Faputa entered. It manages to bite the green monster in an area Faputa was in, chew her up, and spit her out. Faputa is even more wounded than she was before. As she tries to pick herself back up, she notices two other green monsters tampering with the gift Reg gave her when they first met.

Faputa feels defeated and feels there is nothing left for her to do. She gets up and turns her attention to the large turbinid dragon. As she yells, she demands that it not take away her reason for being. Several monsters attack Faputa. As this goes on, Moogie feels empathy for her despite Faputa wanting to murder them all. She can’t stand seeing her like this and begs Faputa to flee.

As the monsters tear away at her limbs and flesh, Faputa continues questioning her existence. Suddenly, the balancing monsters spring from the ground to ward off the monsters devouring Faputa. Faputa approaches them, but they’re crushed by the turbinid dragon’s foot before her eyes. Enraged, Faputa attempts to strike at the dragon but stumbles. She notices that his body is in no shape to fight. Before the dragon hits Faputa with a similar attack, an energy blast catches its attention.

Faputa looks over to find out who shot the blast. It turns out it was from Gaburoon, who is severely hurt. Faputa calls out to him as he apologizes for not being able to protect her. Faputa doesn’t know what he’s insinuating and asks that he escape because she doesn’t want to lose him. The turbinid dragon strikes at Gaburoon’s forehead several times.

Meanwhile, Gaburoon recounts the cherishing memories he had with Faputa and Reg. He notes that while she was born with a thirst for bloodlust, she acquired something irreplaceable and wholesome down the road. He apologizes that he won’t be able to see her grow or be by her side. He tells Faputa that he doesn’t regret ever meeting her and that he will cherish those memories forever. Suddenly, Gaburoon’s visor fades to black, signaling to Faputa that he’s passed away.

Faputa looks on in fear as another monster begins dragging her to the ground. The turbinid dragon turns its attention toward Faputa and shoots an enormous spit-like blast at her. This sends Faputa flying several miles away. A number of Faputa’s arms, ears, and legs have been severed from her body. As she lies on the ground, she recounts how she’s failed her mission and that with no accomplishment comes to no value.

While all feel lost for her, several Hollow villagers approach her. They tear off chunks of their flesh and feed them to her. During this process, the white ectoplasm that healed her wounds prior starts repairing Faputa’s body. The Hollow villagers want her to survive and live on and hope that by giving themselves away to her, she’ll have enough power to fight back. Faputa doesn’t understand why they’re helping her but decides to feast upon their bodies, nonetheless.

Although Faputa’s drive to fulfill her mother’s wise lives on, she can’t help but wonder if that truly is the only route for her to take. She questions if she’ll find value outside of her initial purpose. We pan over to another monster grabbing and feasting upon another Hollow villager. Suddenly, the monster tumbles to the ground and loses his prey to Faputa. Faputa nibbles at the dead Hollow’s corpse and roars. Her wounds from her missing limbs to her eye have been restored.

While roaring, she recalls Belaf’s final words about discovering a new value that will lead her down a new and less gruesome journey. Faputa glances at the dragon. She notices that another one has arrived at the scene. Faputa claims that she will carve her own unique path. The episode concludes with a close-up of Faputa’s new eye, insinuating that she’s attained a newfound power.

The Episode Review

While not as flawless as last week’s episode, episode 11 brought enough internal and external conflict to keep us engaged. This episode featured a stellar mix of action, suspense, and emotional elements. From its touching developments for Faputa, Belaf, and Gaburoon to its mysteriously powerful cliffhanger, I can’t help but be excited to see how it unfolds in the final episode.

While it offered a lot of entertaining content, I must address my issues with our monstrous snake-like friend, Belaf. Although I adored his entrance and heartfelt words toward Faputa, his character didn’t meet all my expectations. The anime doesn’t dive into Belaf’s friendship with Irumyuui hard enough.

It’s great we got a flashback of Irumyuui telling him that he feels like a father figure to her. However, the impact doesn’t carry much weight considering that’s the only scene we receive of them hanging out and spending time together.

The animation work for Belaf’s 3D model was sub-par and a tad janky too, and as a result the fight with Faputa suffers. They opted to showcase Faputa tearing away at Belaf via stilled imagery instead of animating her onslaught. I can’t help but feel disappointed that we didn’t get more relationship-building and better-animated sequences for his character.

Besides those issues, I enjoyed my time with this episode’s animation, art, soundtrack, plot progression, and character development. The action scenes were gruesome and the music implemented during this episode’s depressing and action-centric moments was top-notch. While Faputa felt like an unstoppable force, this episode reassures viewers that even someone of royal descent can’t overcome the abyss’s brutality.

Like Moogie, I found it difficult to see and hear Faputa endure pain. One scene that stood out to me was seeing Faputa witness Gaburoon’s demise. Witnessing someone you admire being attacked by a menacing individual can be heartbreaking. Hearing Gaburoon’s voice cracks before he died shattered my heart to pieces. His voice actor pulled off a phenomenal performance that Made In Abyss fans will cherish forever.

The mindless monsters that invaded Iruburu impressed me. It is difficult to ignore the teamwork and coordination efforts they showed in this episode, regardless of their animalistic behaviour. The methods they used to take Faputa down, making her admit defeat, bewildered me. I couldn’t help but question if the turbinid dragon was psychologically telling them when it was the appropriate time to attack her.

Overall, I felt this was a splendid follow-up to last week’s episode. We got to see some plot segments come full circle like the Hollow villagers forking over their bodies to heal Faputa. It also featured a slew of adrenaline-pumping action scenes and emotional segments that gave me the waterworks. I’m unsure how Made In Abyss season 2’s final episode plans to wrap everything up. Nonetheless, I can’t help but be excited!

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