Lupin – Part 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chapter 9

Episode 4 of Lupin Part 2 begins with Assane stopping a thief from taking off with a suitcase. As he returns it, he calls the man Lucas, which certainly confuses him.

Meanwhile, Pellegrini faces the police but feigns ignorance, claiming he doesn’t know anything. He reveals Assane’s real name though upon seeing his picture but for Leonard’s he’s far more sketchy. However, the Minister rings and demands the officers let Pellegrini go on account of a lack of evidence. Instead, the police turn their attention back to Assane.

With Pellegrini’s release, Juliette starts to get cold feet and contemplates cancelling her concert. Assane convinces her otherwise though.

Now freed, Hubert turns his attention from Assane to Benjamin Ferel instead. Given how close he is to Assane, he tasks Leonard with keeping tabs on him. In doing so, he deduces this will lead him right to Assane.

Well, Leonard eventually catches up to Assane, complete with a silencer attached to his gun. Only, he’s blindsided by Pascal who chokes him out and leaves the hitman for dead. In fact, all of this is done as a way of framing Assane for murder. As Pascal leaves, he phones Belkacem, who falls straight into the trap and rushes to the scene with the other officers.

Although Assane manages to get away, he inadvertently becomes the most wanted man in Paris. Following the Queens’s necklace, his picture is blown up online while his apartment is investigated.

Next up is Benjamin, whom Assane communicates with and phones, encouraging him to evade the killer… who happens to be right next to him. After losing him on the bus, the pair then get ready to disappear.

The police ramp up their investigation with Dumont and Belkacem on the hunt. They manage to track down a warehouse the pair are staying in. Only, when they get there they find the place empty and a tunnel leading down into the catacombs. The same catacombs, it turns out, Assane and Benjamin managed to obtain a map for back in 1995.

However, he leaves a comment on the news specifically for Guedira which he manages to interpret as an anagram of “The Jewish Lamp”. The same Jewish lamp in fact, that he earlier picked up at the apartment. Geudira heads straight into the evidence locker and grabs it.

Upon closer inspection, Guedira finds a USB holding all the incriminating evidence against Dumont including the CCTV footage from him being interrogated last season.

While Guedira goes on the hunt, Assane and Benjamin manage to escape through a tunnel, linking back up to the surface while leaving the police stumbling about in the catacombs. Benjamin hands over the old map to the lady who gave it them back in 1995, complete with what looks like a diamond. Assane and Benjamin eventually reflect on their journey as they ready themselves for their final play.

The Episode Review

Lupin returns with another good episode, one that tightens the cat and mouse chase with the police closing in on Lupin. The way the pair managed to escape while tying it back to The blonde Lady story is a nice touch and one that finally sees Lupin ready to take the fight to Pellegrini and clear his name.

Leonard’s death is perhaps a little premature and a bit frustrating, especially given how instrumental he’s been in this second part. A part of me wishes they’d allowed Lupin to exact that revenge himself for his part in kidnapping Raoul. Despite that though, there’s enough here to like nonetheless.

Either way though, Lupin has been just as enthralling – if not better – than the first part and everything looks prepped for an exciting an explosive finale to follow.

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