Love, Death & Robots Episode 9: “The Dump” Recap & Review


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Bringing back a classic sense of CGI, The Dump is a simple story but one that utilizes its CGI really well. While the episode itself doesn’t have a twist or much in the way of plot development, it does have a keen sense of style and does well with what little substance it has.

The story begins with a city dweller descending into the ruinous chasms of the dump. As piles of rubbish tower over him, he visits a man named Ugly Dave, serving him papers and telling him he has to leave. From here, the story falls back in time as Dave recounts a tale involving a strange creature referred to as “Auto”. It turns out this giant, four legged monster feeds off anything it eats including puppies, rubbish and humans.

From here we cut back to present time where the city dweller has run out of patience and asks Dave to sign the papers. Unfortunately, Auto looms over him from behind ready to eat him. As the man screams out in pain, the episode ends with a point of view shot as Auto’s ravenous mouth closes and the scene fades to black.

In terms of content, The Dump is admittedly lacking in substance. Unlike Sucker Of Souls which managed to use colour to make up for a basic chase sequence story, The Dump’s slow pacing and flashback-styled story doesn’t do an awful lot for the pacing and overall feel of the episode. There is some good content here though and the facial animations are really nicely done. This, combined with the music choice, does make this a far more appealing episode in the long run.             

Still, despite all this, The Dump is really one of the weakest episodes of the show. There is some nice content and artistically at least, The Dump does surprisingly well with its animation. It’s just a shame the story doesn’t do the art justice.


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