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Adapted from a popular horror podcast of the same name, Lore is a made-for-TV Amazon Original that awkwardly presents a podcast as a TV show. Featuring the amateur narration of Aaron Mahnke, Lore is a mash up of poorly acted re-enactments, long bouts of silence and obscure, albeit interesting, historical tales. There’s no denying that Lore is a creative endeavour, bringing something fresh and interesting to the TV scene but perhaps this should have remained a podcast as this adaptation never enhances the material its originally based on.

With all the episodes based on true stories, Lore manages to present its material in a relatively engaging way, mixing re-enactments with narration and real life pictures and film footage. The problem with Lore is it all feels very unpolished, with some poorly acted re-enactments rarely enhancing the narrated stories told by Aaron Mahnke. The stories are interesting enough, with a different topic being examined in each episode. Whether it be cursed dolls, the origin of werewolves or the strange story of changelings, there’s bound to be something here that will appeal to most people. Working better as a documentary than anything else, Lore feels like a show undecided on its format, never settling into a comfortable rhythm which gives the show a rough, unpolished feel for most of its run time.

Perhaps with better direction and a clearer vision Lore could have been a success. Its not all bad though, Lore is certainly original enough to warrant its creation and the engaging stories are enough to keep you watching each episode but it never quite feels satisfying enough. The presentation is ultimately where Lore falters and the awkward cuts between re-enactments and narration, which oftentimes overlap one another, make this a show in series need of some polish and better editing. There’s also the subject of pauses and whilst this is used as dramatic tension, it just feels awkward and accentuates the problems with the re-enactments.

Lore is sure to find its appeal with some people though, boasting a mix of quirky, amateurish presentation and narration by Aaron Mahnke. Ultimately, Lore is a show that never quite reaches the potential it so easily could have reached. The TV show format never enhances the podcast its based on and despite some genuinely engaging real life stories, this is one endeavour that’s best digested as a podcast rather than a TV show.

  • Verdict - 5.5/10