Loot – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Silver Moon Summit

What does Sofia think about the Silver Moon Summit?

Loot’s season 1 finale begins with Sofia using a ride-sharing service to get to the airport for her flight to the Silver Moon Summit in Corsica. On the way, they pass through a homeless area. Her driver says he thinks “those people” just need to stop being lazy and get jobs. Sofia doesn’t like his attitude or his choice wording, so she gets out of the car and walks the rest of the way.

Molly later welcomes the Foundation employees to Corsica. She then apologizes to Nicholas for missing his play. He says he could never be mad at her, but he’s obviously depressed about it.

Sofia uncomfortably watches Molly worry about surface-level aspects of her presentation for the Summit. She tells Molly they should pack up and go home so they can help people in LA. What they’re doing here isn’t actually helping anyone.

Molly tells her she needs to have a vision. But whose vision?–Sofia wonders. It sounds like Molly is getting swept up in another guy’s vision, just like she did with John. Molly tells her she doesn’t need her permission for what she does with her own money.

Does Arthur still have feelings for Molly?

Arthur confesses to Nicholas and Howard that he broke up with Chelsea. They protest, but he insists there wasn’t a strong connection. He later opens up to them that he’s still in love with Molly and doesn’t know what to do about it. 

Howard and Nicholas agree that the two of them definitely have chemistry, and even think Jean-Pierre is a bad influence on Molly. Arthur could be good for her. 

How does Molly’s presentation for the Summit turn out?

At her Summit presentation, Molly demonstrates the water purification machine that she and Jean-Pierre invested in. She holds up a pitcher of muddy water beforehand, but when it comes out of the machine, it’s still brown.

Molly insists the water is still clean and perfectly safe. She takes a sip, obviously disgusted. But to save face (she poured billions of dollars into designing this machine), she drinks the entire glass.

Does Molly abandon the Wells Foundation?

The machine’s malfunction makes the news, which causes both John and Jean-Pierre to check up on Molly. Jean-Pierre suggests that the two of them go away for a while and stay out of the public eye.

Molly wonders what to do about the promises they made, but he assures her (using Sofia’s least favorite words) that “those people will still be there in a few years.

Molly leaves Sofia a note for the Wells Foundation. She says she’s only made their lives harder, so she’s completely stepping away from the foundation. They will still have her money, but they won’t have her.

Does Sofia persuade Molly to come back?

Sofia meets Molly on her plane, where Molly informs her she broke up with Jean-Pierre. He wasn’t the person she thought he was.

Sofia tells Molly that she is the reason Sofia actually started getting to know her team. Molly pulled them together and made them better. So, she doesn’t accept her resignation.

According to Sofia, Molly isn’t the problem. Her money is. Money makes people think they can tell others how to live. But Molly doesn’t have to be like that.

“What if we change the story?” Molly asks.

What does Molly decide to do with her money?

Molly returns to the conference for a panel discussion. She talks to the crowd about how the products that have been discussed aren’t solutions. Rather, they’re distractions.

Everyone at this conference is rich. They’re likely the worst people to be talking about changing the world. Since the system as it is benefits them all, why would they listen to other people, who would tell them that they are the problem.

“Billionaires shouldn’t exist,” Molly says. “I shouldn’t exist.”

She says she’s going to give away all her money and then promises to help as many people as she can.

How does ‘Loot’ season 1 end?

Molly’s coworkers all celebrate her decision. Nicholas asks if she’s planning on keeping any of her money, but no. She assures him he won’t need it, as “a brilliant actor with a bright future.” (She’s essentially firing him, and is seeing it as an act of kindness.) She also promises not to miss another performance of his.

That night, Arthur approaches Molly at the pool. He says what she said was incredible and she confesses that it’s time for a quieter, more normal life.

He says there’s something he wants to talk to her about, but we don’t hear their conversation. The next morning, she wakes up in bed–not with Arthur, but with John.

The Episode Review

If there’s anyone Loot should have focused on as a protagonist, it’s Nicholas. Imagine it: the billionaire’s assistant who becomes disillusioned with his boss and her performative world, as he discovers the goodness in other people from the working class, such as Howard.

Loot could have pushed much more nuanced conflict and storylines in spotlighting a character with a foot in two worlds. Meanwhile, Molly’s feet are firmly planted in the world of her fellow billionaires.

This season has long been building up to this moment where it can finally flip the script and fully focus its critique of the one percent. 

Like previous episodes, however, the finale provides a superficial exploration of the show’s scathing themes–without the jokes to comically cover its failures.

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