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Track Listing

Intro: Searching for their friends
Sensitive – Title Track
Real world
Strawberry soda
Day by day
Sensitive (English Version)


Loossemble (Loona Assemble) finally made their debut with their first self-titled mini-album ‘Loossemble’ on September 15th. But they are no strangers to the music scene as this K-pop girl group is made up of former Loona members – HyunJin, YeoJin, ViVi, Go Won and HyeJu. As fans have been waiting with bated breath on the group’s next plan of action, the members have finally begun afresh with an exciting EP that is all about new beginnings.

‘Loossemble’ is the girl group’s first album and they are spoiling fans with 8 diverse tracks including an English version of the lead single – ‘Sensitive’. They also showcase their creativity by writing several of the songs which perfectly display their signature style that they had carved out during their days as part of Loona.

The lore is pretty strong as well, as fans love how all of their songs and music videos always connect to a larger multiverse. We get a new chapter with Loossemble as the 5 members use the metaphor of embarking on a spaceship to explore a brand new world and make new friends. We get a glimpse of the EP with the ‘Intro: Searching for their friends’ which is an amalgam of the various genres the girls play with. 


The girls go all out for their title track which seamlessly begins from the intro, from a cinematic music video with a whole storyline to a fun choreography that complements the upbeat rhythm. The pop-trap song is perfect for reintroducing the girls with a funky melody, full of groovy basslines and a tinge of electric guitar. The bridge is the highlight of the song as the girls sing about moving forward while asking fans to trust them, “Just follow your own sensations/Trust every breath I breathe.” 

B-side Tracks in ‘Loossemble’

From the very first second, you know ‘Real world’ is the girls experimenting with different sounds. The experimental arrangement takes a minute to get used to but on a second listen, you can’t help but marvel at the mesh of genre.

The old-school jazz sample weaved in with hip-hop beats allows the girls to prove their all-rounder label by rapping about their next step in their journey on a spaceship. It is also a promise that they are not going anywhere as, “We make a move/Our unfinished dream/Once again, we we we talk/You and I.

‘Loossemble’ is pretty cleverly assembled (no pun intended) as the album slows down with each track, just like a spaceship launching into space and then finding a stable cruising speed. And that is exactly what the girls are singing about in ‘Colouring’, “The day I opened my eyes in the dark, I turned to you/The first things I wanted to say have already gone to a far away place, out of reach/Everything is gone, nothing remains/You make me bloom.

It also has a bittersweet vibe which works well with their vocals, as the girls put forth a mature side to them, quite different from their usual catchy pop songs.

We get back into the fun head-bopping zone with ‘Newtopia’ which will have fans begging for a full-fledged city pop song followed by the dreamy and happy ‘Strawberry soda’ which is all about making their magical dreams a reality.

‘Day by day’s intro pleasantly surprises us with a pop-rock arrangement and also marks the end of the album. But as we really get into it, the song moves on to an emotional OST-like melody complete with falsettos as they sing about better days. If the melancholic beat won’t have you tearing up, the lyrics definitely will, “Believe we’ll walk on a rainbow/Believe I believe forever/We will be one.

And what better way to sing your heart out to fans and your girl group than with ‘Day by day’ which opts for a simple arrangement which lets their vocals shine from the echoing harmonies to the high-note ad-libs in the last chorus.

Well, it is no surprise that Loossemble gives us a sentimental album wrapped with confetti and bubblegum pink bows as they strongly take a stance – they are back and are not going anywhere any time soon. ‘Loossemble’ is definitely an album for K-pop fans who have been with them through thick and thin while also hinting at all the hidden facets they are planning to unleash as artists.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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