Locke and Key – Season 3 Episode 1 “The Snow Globe” Recap & Review

The Snow Globe

Episode 1 of Locke and Key Season 3 starts with a snow globe being knocked over. Nina doesn’t think much of it and picks it up off the ground. As she looks inside, unbeknownst to her, two women – Dorothy and Ada – happen to be watching from inside. They’re the ones who made it fall in the first place and they’re not good news.

Nina shows Bode and Kinsey the snow globe, believing there’s something more to it than “a cool antique”, as Kinsey puts it. This whole snow globe charade just serves as a distraction for the family though, who reveal it’s been two months since Tyler left and none of them have heard from him since.

For now though, we’re onto far more exciting things… like wedding planning. Kinsey believes Nina should ask Josh to go with her, given their chemistry brewing last season, but she walks away hurriedly away like a shy schoolgirl.

Later that evening, Bodie hears whispering echoing across the kitchen. Entranced, he listens intently and realizes it seems to be coming from the fridge. Well, it turns out there’s another key in the freeze compartment.

With a snowflake sigil, Nina immediately realizes this works with the snow globe. They decide not to wait for Kinsey (who’s off filming the latest B-movie in town) and turn the key.

Nina and Bode are thrust inside this snow globe and confronted by Dorothy and Ada. They chase Nina, as she hurriedly heads inside the house and turns the key, which seems to lock up the house. The thing is, Bode is still outside.

Dorothy and Ada take off with the key, leaving Nina on the ground after overpowering her. The thing is, she’s actually locked Bode inside the snow globe but without the key, it seems there’s no way out for our little tyke.

Kinsey retunes home and takes the reigns of the situation, determined to find the two demons before it’s too late. The thing is, they’ve both found their way to Captain Gideon, whose influence continues to grow. He tasks the two sisters to use their unimaginable strength to find more keys at Locke House. All of them, to be precise.

Dorothy and Ada decide to use Bode as a bargaining tool, suggesting to Nina they release him in exchange for all the keys. Of course, there’s no chance they’ll go for that.

Kinsey decides to hold them off, using the Hercules Key in the process. As for Nina, she uses the Mirror Key to trap Dorothy inside. Eventually Nina and Kinsey work together and trap Ada inside too, taking the Snow Globe key and releasing Bode from his prison before it’s too late. Although the sisters have been stopped, the same cannot be said for Gideon, who continues to lurk and scheme outside.

As for Tyler, he’s out of town doing construction work. He ends up going for a drink with one of his coworkers, but is unsure whether he’s going to go to the upcoming wedding or not. While this is going on, Nina rings Josh and he agrees to go as her plus-one to the big day.

The final shot of the episode cuts across to Gideon – who now has two keys. He presses them together and a strange, ominous purple glow ripples through the ground.

The Episode Review

So Locke and Key returns with the conflict bubbling up between the Locke’s and Captain Gideon, who’s dead-set now on getting his hands on all the keys.

As for our troubled family, we get our first taste of dumb character decision making this year as Nina runs away from her son rather than protecting him from these two sisters. I’m not quite sure what she intended to do but I’m sure it’s not endangering Bode! And that’s before jumping headfirst into using these keys without a second thought.

Thankfully, the sisters are dispatched and ultimately we end up where we started again, minus Gideon netting his hands on another key.

It’s still early days though but this rather slow start sets up what could be a hit or miss final season. Let’s hope this one knocks it out the bag in the chapters ahead!

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