Little Big Awesome Season 1 Review



Season 1

Episode Guide

City Day/Let’s Get to That Thing!
Sorry Mr. Sun/What’s the Trouble Bubble
Bed Follows/Gotta Get a Gimmick
Space Kittens for Now/Blupo and Glendon
Living the Dream/Oh No, Ho Cho Jo!
Puppy Shower/Claude the Buff Hamster



Quirky and splashed in bright, neon colours, Little Big Awesome is a charming and bizarre kids show. While the premise and overall pacing is likely to be far more appealing to children than adults, there’s just enough humour here to keep adults watching along with the little ones. While the combination of real pictures and bright cartoon figures is an interesting stylistic choice, the show pales in comparison to Netflix’s Cupcake & Dino which takes this concept and produces a far more polished show.

The show sees best friends Gluko and Lennon embarking on wondrous and bizarre adventures across their quaint town. From apologising to the sun for hurting its feelings to a satirical view on advertising, the show manages to inject a good range of content into the show. Each 25 minute episode is split in two, with bite-size 12 minute plots moving along at breakneck speed. Most of them feature a moral to the story; a life lesson for kids to digest while various action set pieces and goofy humour pad out each episode.

While Little Big Awesome tries to cater for both adults and children, unlike recent Netflix Original Cupcake & Dino, this is a show that’s far more appealing for kids than it is for adults. Some of the humour feels a little forced and contrived although Weird Al injects just the right amount of maniacal goofiness as the charismatic Mr. Sun to offset some of this. The rest of the supporting cast are as bizarre as they are entertaining. From a muscly hamster to a fried egg, the various inhabitants around the town have a real quirkiness that adds to the surreal nature of the show.

Overall Little Big Awesome is a fun, quirky little show that just misses out on being an awesome mainstay for children. While the bright aesthetics and moral to each story is a nice touch, there just isn’t enough here to make the two lead characters stand out as memorable enough for children to remember in such an over-saturated genre. While the show is still enjoyable and kids will enjoy the content, it’s unlikely to be something that’s remembered for years to come despite some nice ideas.

  • Verdict - 7/10