Lies of P Boss Guide: How to beat Scrapped Watchman

Lies of P Boss Guide: How to Beat Scrapped Watchman

Lies of P is the latest Souls-like game, complete with some excellent levels and a unique puppet aesthetic. The bosses can be challenging and really test your skills to the maximum as well. Fret not though, our boss guides can help you get through even the toughest challenges that Lies of P throws at you.

Scrapped Watchman is a compulsory boss found in the Elysion Boulevard area and, more specifically, at the Krat City Hall. Scrapped Watchman is the first boss where it’ll use two distinct phases with different tactics, and it could cause a problem for some players.

So without further ado, here’s our strategy for defeating Scrapped Watchman:

Boss Fight – Scrapped Watchman

Phase 1

If the Parade Master taught how to use the basic mechanics of dodging and timing your strikes, Scrapped Watchman will teach us how to use Perfect Parrying and dodging together to come out the other side in one piece.

The first phase is all about parrying and just simple dodges back (tapping your dodge, not rolling). You need to try and time your strikes so you can slash back and deal damage without leaving too much space. You’ll need to be patient, and be sure to dodge back when Scrapped Watchman uses either of his big swipes left and right.

Watchman also has a nasty punch down, where it’ll rise up on his hind legs and slam one arm down on the ground. Be careful with this though as he’ll also use a Fury Attack and smack down with both hands. This first phase is not dissimilar to the Parade Master fight though. The attacks will be slow, relatively manageable and it’ll be a case of parrying and dodging at the right time to chip away at its health.

Phase 2

Once Scrapped Watchman is down to 50% health, the boss will suddenly become electrified and with that, start beefing up its attacks. Along with extra Fury Attacks, it’ll also use an electrical shockwave that will pulsate out and hit you if you’re too near.

There’s also a jumping splash attack where it’ll jump down and smash the ground, sending currents of electric rippling out. For this attack in particular, and for the electric currents, you want to try and dodge backwards and then hold your guard up so the damage is minimalized.

The worst attack here will be the swipe and grab, which will be visible from him winding his arm back for a few seconds and swiping it in front of him. Be sure to dodge back and get away from this. Should it hit you, you’ll inflict massive damage. This, coupled with the swipes left and right, can be quite tricky to dodge.

Finally, Scrapped Watchman will use ripples of lightning protruding out from its body to light up the arena, and there will be a few spots that do lightning damage if you go near them too; visible from the patches on the ground.

Scrapped Watchman may be quite simple in the first phase, but the second will require a lot more deft parrying and dodging. If you dodge-roll too much, that jumping spinning attack will knock you flat. If you’ve got a rapier in your possession, that will certainly help for dealing lots of damage quickly, while being sure to parry at the right time for some of these attacks.

Ultimately though, you want to make sure you’re fully stocked with health at all times and be patient with the attack patterns. You don’t want to be all up in its face either, so be sure to back away from time to time, especially during the swipe attacks. Oh, and you can always use the Specter if you’re having trouble too. Eventually, you’ll best this guy, but it may take a few goes to get it right!


Final Tips

Scrapped Watchman is one of the more unique bosses in Lies of P and it’s certainly an intimidating foe. The second Phase in particular here could cause a problem if you’re not prepared. When you defeat Scrapped Watchman you’ll be rewarded with 1x Overcharged Storage Battery, 1x Broken Hero’s Ergo, 1x Core, 1x Quartz and 5040 Ergo.

Beating Scrapped Watchman is a great achievement and hopefully the guide above should make your life a little easier. Have you beaten this boss? Got some tips that we’ve missed off from this guide that we should include? Let us know in the comments below!

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