Lies of P Boss Guide: How to beat Parade Master

Lies of P Boss Guide: How to Beat Parade Master

Lies of P is the latest Souls-like game, complete with some excellent levels and a unique puppet aesthetic. The bosses can be challenging and really test your skills to the maximum as well. Fret not though, our boss guides can help you get through even the toughest challenges that Lies of P throws at you.

Parade Master is a compulsory boss found in the Krat Central Station Plaza area. Despite Parade Master’s gigantic size, it does have some very obvious wind-ups and is a good taster of things to come later in the game.

So without further ado, here’s our strategy for defeating the Parade Master:

Boss Fight – Parade Master

Phase 1

Parade Master is a tough foe, armed with stiff punches, nasty combos and a huge, bulky form that can do serious damage. Parrying is pretty useless here, so you want to focus on dodging. It’ll take a few goes but Phase 1 is actually quite straightforward once you suss out Parade Master’s attacks.

The move-set is similar to the Police Captain earlier in this chapter, with shoulder-barges used to slide across the ground and bridge the gap in the fight.

There’s a simple left hand jab down, a two-punch combo and a three-punch combo. There’s also a Fury attack too, where Parade Master will slam both fists down on the ground in front of it.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a running splash attack, coming in two forms – a Fury Attack and a standard splash down. Finally, there’s a double-slash, where Parade Master will swipe in an X shape with both its fists.

When Parade Master winds up its hand in the air to knock down, you want to dodge roll toward and around to dodge the punch.

This will open up Parade Master for some good hits and the chances are, it’ll either follow-up with a splash attack (which you can dodge by just tapping the dodge button and jumping backwards) or a two-hit combo (in which case, use the dodge, then dodge roll).

It’ll always favour the left hand to punch first so you’ll want to try and stay on Parade Master’s left-side if you can, as it’ll constantly have to turn in order to right itself and face you. This will allow you to get some good hits in.

The best times to hit with heavy attacks, especially charged ones, will be after the splash attack (if you dodged) and after the single-punch. Once you’ve dealt 50% damage, Parade Master will become a lot tougher

Phase 2

When Parade Master starts burning at around 50% health remaining, it’ll remove the cage from its back, stick its foot through and then pull its head off, using it a horrific mace. This will not only increase Parade Master’s range, but also make it much faster and tougher to dodge.

There are two specific windows to attack though and that comes from Parade Master stepping forward with 3 quick steps, and then slashing with its new weapon to the right and then the left. You need to dodge roll through both of these and then hit Parade Master with a heavy attack, preferably slightly charged too if you can.

The other time to attack is just after Parade Master does its familiar splash on the ground, which you can follow up with a good deal of slashes as it tries to scramble back up.

You need to play safe here, and if this fight does become challenging, you can always throw a few Thermites during Phase 2 of this while keeping a distance. Eventually, it’ll go down.


Final Tips

Parade Master is certainly an intimidating foe but don’t be fooled by its bulky and lumbering form. This is the first real test of our skills and is a great way of testing your dodging and timing. When you defeat Parade Master, you’ll be rewarded with 1x Parade Leader’s Ergo, 1x Quartz and 1850 Ergo.

Beating Parade Master is a great achievement and hopefully the guide above should make your life a little easier. Have you beaten this boss? Got some tips that we’ve missed off from this guide that we should include? Let us know in the comments below!

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