Lies of P Boss Guide: How to beat King’s Flame, Fuoco

Lies of P Boss Guide: How to Beat King’s Flame, Fuoco

Lies of P is the latest Souls-like game, complete with some excellent levels and a unique puppet aesthetic. The bosses can be challenging and really test your skills to the maximum as well. Fret not though, our boss guides can help you get through even the toughest challenges that Lies of P throws at you.

King’s Flame, Fuoco is a compulsory boss found in the Workshop Union area and, more specifically, deep in the Venigni Works Control Room. King’s Flame is a horrific foe and easily the toughest challenge up to this point in the game. It hits hard, has some nasty combos and its second phase is an absolute pain. However, we’re here to help you through the worst of it!

So without further ado, here’s our strategy for defeating King’s Flame, Fuoco:

Boss Fight – King’s Flame, Fuoco

Phase 1

King’s Flame is going to be the toughest fight we’ve faced up to this point. It’s a nasty foe with some brutal attacks and horrible magic abilities. In terms of melee, it’ll swing round and strike the ground in a crescent arc, along with doing a variation of this where it’ll spin three times in one direction, hitting out with these crescent arcs, following up with a belch of fire.

There’s a standard fist-slam down, along with a spinning punch where it’ll turn the top half of its body and attack if you’re striking from behind. If you keep a distance, King’s Flame will use a Fury Attack where it’ll rush forward in one direction, hitting anything in its path.

The idea is to dodge-roll out the way of its Fury Attack and use the few second window to strike with a blast of Fulminis and back up. The melee strikes can be parried, but try to parry and then roll through to avoid having your guard broken. Eventually you’ll whittle the guy down to 50% health.

Phase 2

During the midway point of the fight, King’s Flame will open up its glowing orange middle and send a burst of flame rippling across the arena. This can be avoided  but you need to be quick. As soon as you see King’s Flame docile, charge over to the other side of the arena and try to avoid the fire. Should this hit you, you’ll have burn damage to contend with.

Along with all the previous melee strikes, King’s Flame will now blast oil patches across the floor, and follow that up with flaming projectiles launched across the arena. Should these hit the oil while you’re standing over them, it’ll do a lot of damage and leave you with burn damage too.

There’s also a new Fury Attack, where it’ll scuttle forward and then hit the ground with its fist. Be careful with this as it sometimes follows it up with the Fury Attack from Phase 1, catching you out.

You want to go into this with Fulminis definitely attached, along with that earlier Electric Blitz Abrasive. This nifty tool will imbue your sword with electrical currents, allowing you to deal extra damage.

You can always use the Star Fragments to call forth a Specter and it’s highly recommended to do this if you intend to use the Electric Blitz Abrasive. That way, you can deal maximum damage while also preserving your health for this phase. 

Phase 1 isn’t too difficult once you get the hang of the melee dodging and parrying, but Phase 2, with the additional fire and projectiles, can be difficult. Don’t be afraid to grab some projectiles from the Merchant over in Elysion too, and make sure you have Purification Ampoules attached to your belt; this immediately eliminates burn damage.

Eventually this guy will go down but it’ll be one heck of a fight to get there!


Final Tips

King’s Flame is a two-phase fight that’s likely to cause you a good deal of trouble while playing. If you are having issues, be sure to take a break so your brain has a chance to get that muscle memory down before tackling it again.

When you defeat King’s Flame you’ll be rewarded with 1x High-powered Flame Amplifier, 1x King’s Flame Ergo, 1x Flame Grindstone and 4576 Ergo.

Beating King’s Flame is a great achievement and hopefully the guide above should make your life a little easier. Have you beaten this boss? Got some tips that we’ve missed off from this guide that we should include? Let us know in the comments below!

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