Lies of P Boss Guide: How to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Lies of P Boss Guide: How to Beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Lies of P is the latest Souls-like game, complete with some excellent levels and a unique puppet aesthetic. The bosses can be challenging and really test your skills to the maximum as well. Fret not though, our boss guides can help you get through even the toughest challenges that Lies of P throws at you.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus is a compulsory boss found in the St Frangelico Cathedral area and, more specifically, deep in the library. Fallen Archbishop Andreus is a horrific foe and easily the toughest challenge up to this point in the game, especially as we now have two full-phases to handle rather than tackling new move-sets with 50% health. It’s a huge, monstrous form and has some horrible attacks. The second phase in particular is really difficult. However, we’re here to help you through the worst of it!

So without further ado, here’s our strategy for defeating Fallen Archbishop Andreus:


Boss Fight – Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Phase 1

The Fallen Archbishop is a tough foe and it has some nasty attacks at its disposal. It tends to use its tongue to slam down and swipe from left to right, inflicting Decay damage the entire time. There are also several melee combos to watch out for. There’s a three-strike hit, where it’ll swipe with one claw, pull back and slam down with the other, and then hit round from the side again.

You can actually get around this move by dodging the second claw and dashing behind the Archbishop to deal some damage. If you’re too far away though, it’ll ram forward with both claws and hit the ground. There are also simple slashes to contend with, and a Fury Attack where it’ll rise up in the air and slam back down. You can definitely get a good few hits in after it slams to the ground here.

The trick with this fight is to try and hit from behind, whilst also learning the melee strike combos so you save up as many Pulse Cells as possible for the second round. This is where the Specter comes in handy, but you want to try and keep him active until the second phase if you can. 

The two windows of attack though are just after the Fury Attack and at the end of the three-hit combo. After it slams the claw down from high up, dodge-roll toward the other claw to get round it and then hit from behind.

It’s also a good idea in this phase to use Fulminis to whittle down that health quickly. It’ll inflict big damage when Archbishop is shocked, and given the windows between strikes (at the times mentioned above) it’s actually quite an effective tool.

It can also be staggered too, where you’ll be able to get a couple of free hits in as it’s idle on the ground. Likewise, if you’re using the specter, wait for the attention to turn to him and exhaust your Fulminis, following up with strong attacks to get that health down.

Phase 2

Once you’ve depleted the health, Archbishop will return with a much more menacing form. There will now be two targets to choose from, with the Archbishop on one side, and that horrible monster head on the other. You want to target the same monster head as before, using similar tactics. This time though the attacks are far more aggressive, and there’s a new variation to the Fury Attack as well.

If you choose to tackle the Archbishop’s face, there’s a new move-set to learn, along with various slashes and nasty strikes that can deal big damage. For this reason, it’s advisable not to target this and go for the devil we know instead! Target the rear-head instead.

Once it’s down to 50% health, Archbishop’s aggression will rise and even worse, it’ll start using a large energy beam attack. Similar to King’s Flame, you want to back up and make sure you’re out the way when it strikes. The Archbishop’s face will also deal damage here, hitting a blastwave that extends out. There is a small window of opportunity to attack but honestly, it’s not worth it unless it only has a tiny sliver of health left. 

A good tactic is to use your Acid Abrasive Switch or Fire Abrasive Switch if you make it to the second phase. This, coupled with a few Thermite blows, will deal big damage and help you out tremendously. In terms of weapons, it’s a good idea to use whatever you’re comfortable with but greatswords and large blunt weapons do work quite well here given the windows of time between attacks.

Be sure to draw on the Specter once you get the hang of Archbishops attacks, saving as many Pulse Cells as you can for Phase 2. Be ready to hit it with everything you have, being sure to target the hind face and not Archbishop’s new form in the second phase. Eventually it’ll go down, netting you some rewards and a neat cutscene too.

Final Tips

Fallen Archbishop Andreus is a big two-phase fight that’s likely to cause you a lot of problems when you play through. If you are having issues, be sure to take a break and you can always load up on throwable items like Thermites to get an extra edge in battle.

When you defeat Fallen Archbishop you’ll be rewarded with 1x Twisted Angel’s Ergo.

Beating Fallen Archbishop Andreus is a great achievement and hopefully the guide above should make your life a little easier. Have you beaten this boss? Got some tips that we’ve missed off from this guide that we should include? Let us know in the comments below!

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