Lies of P Guide: The Best Mods To Enhance Your Experience

Lies of P Mods

In the vast universe of gaming, there’s an unsung hero that often stands behind the shadows, tirelessly enhancing and transforming our favorite titles: the modding community. These passionate gamers and developers dive deep into the core of games, introducing fresh content, refining gameplay mechanics, and often breathing new life into titles that might have been gathering digital dust on our shelves.

As we venture into the limitless potentials mods offer, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best game modifications that promise to elevate your gaming experience to unprecedented heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for a fresh twist on a beloved classic or a newcomer looking to spruce up parts of the game, these mods are a testament to the dedication of the global gaming community.

So without further ado, here’s our list of the best mods to enhance your Lies of P experience! Oh, and these are also listed in no particular order!

Easy Mode

Is Lies of P too challenging? Well, fret not! Easy Mode is a Mod that tweaks the difficulty balance. Enemies do less damage to the player (about 2 times less). The great thing here is that the AI of enemies don’t change. This way, you’ll still have the same challenging gameplay, but a lot more HP to keep going through the fights.

Nexus Mods Download Link

Bloodborne Hunter

Lies of P has been compared to Bloodborne on more than one occasion, and this mod is perhaps the biggest compliment to the game. This mod replaces the Mad Donkey’s outfit with the Bloodborne Hunter set, so you’ll still have the other outfits if you wish.

Nexus Mods Download Link

Hair Customizer

Hair Customizer is a mod that does exactly that. It lets you customize the color of P’s hair through the Interpose mod loader. What’s particularly good here is that it will remember your preferences, even if you close and reopen the game, or change areas.

Nexus Mods Download Link

Ultra Max Graphics

If your PC can handle it, the Ultra Max Graphics setting may be just what the doctor ordered. This Mod upgrades the highest game “best” setting across to Max Ultra. This updates: draw distance, shadow quality, ao, anisotropic filtering, lighting and also vfog too.

Nexus Mods Download Link

P-Organ 7 Phase Unlock

Don’t fancy replaying the game multiple times to unlock all the phase skills in the tree? This Mod has you covered. It basically expands the skill tree with two new skill phases that are only supposed to be unlocked in the second and third playthrough. Investing points in “one skill” at each phase will be enough to unlock the next. This is especially useful if you want to mix and match all the different P-Organ skills.

Nexus Mods Download Link 

Hard Mode

Lies of P too easy for you? Well, this Mod is about to change all that. Included within the gameplay changes here are enemies that run faster, increased attack speed, increased damage taken and stargazers removed from boss rooms. Oh, and bosses now come back to life after resting at a bonfire or at the hotel. Happy hunting!

Nexus Mods Download Link

Cartoon Characters

We don’t have a download link for this one, because chances are this may be copyright struck and the download removed but it’s a funny one nonetheless. YouTuber ToastedShoes plays through Lies of P with this wickedly funny Mod that changes all character models to cartoon characters, ranging from Shaun the Sheep to Puss in Boots and Donkey. We won’t spoil everything here, but the link to the video is below, and it definitely shows off one of the best Mods available in Lies of P! 

ToastedShoes Link

So there we have it! The best Mods available to download for Lies of P. Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite Mods to use in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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