The Last Mercenary Ending Explained – The mastermind revealed!

Last Mercenary Plot Synopsis

The story revolves around a man named Richard Brumere. Known as ‘The Mist’, Brumere is a former secret service agent who’s now working as a rogue mercenary. During a mission early on, he receives a message from secret agent Fernand; Brumere’s son Archibald is in danger.

This immediately sees Richard return to France where he finds out Archibald has been falsely accused of drug trafficking by the police. As our unlikely duo team up, they uncover a much larger conspiracy at work and assemble their own team to uncover the truth.

Who is Archibald’s imposter?

With the final fight ahead, Richard enlist the help of his son Archibald, his friend Momo, Momo’s sister Dalila and the foreign minister himself, Alexandre Lazare. Last but not least, Richard also brings in his trusted associate and retired agent Marguerite for the ride.

Together, the team uncover who Archibald’s imposter actually is. His name is Simyon Novak and he’s actually the son of the King of Taarghistan. With Simyon unable to enter Paris thanks to political reasons, his associate Paul Laseur manages to bag a fake ID in Archibald’s name to allow Simyon to fly under the radar.

This then allows the sale of the Big Mac to commence without arousing suspicion from the authorities.

What is Big Mac?

The Big Mac is a code word used for a super-weapon that Simyon is after. This happens to be a pretty powerful EMP of sorts, able to take out an entire city’s power grid. This lucrative weapon ends up as the key behind everything, and that which Van Damme and co. work hard to stop Simyon getting his hands on.

Who is the mastermind?

It takes a while for this to be uncovered but we do eventually find out who the real mastermind is behind everything. It’s actually Richard’s trusted associate Marguerite. On top of that, Paul is actually her son too.

When Marguerite and Paul get their hands on the money and machine, they take off but end up breaking their cover just before they do. Marguerite also admits to being the one to killing Fernand.

Essentially she was doing all of this for her son, determined to get ahead in life and doing what she can for her offspring. Just like Richard looking out for Archibald, she too was looking out for Paul.

During the film’s climax, Police Commander Jouard arrests Marguerite and Paul before they can get away. With Richard looking likely to follow, he manages to escape through using Big Mac and causing a black-out. Richard walks away, reinforcing that he’s now free and able to disappear into the night.

Is there a post-credit scene?

Yes, The Last Mercenary has a couple of end sequences, one arriving in the middle of the credit scroll and another during the post-credit sequence.

The first, shows a rabble of priests leaving a church. One receives a call and answers hurriedly. As he does, he learns “The goose is out of the freezer.” While the film doesn’t make it clear who this man is, he could well have ties to both Marguerite and Paul. He could be a hired goon, or – and this one seems more likely – be Paul’s father.

During the post-credit sequence, Richard is dressed as a doctor and shows up to help deliver Archibald and Dalila’s baby in hospital. Before he’s ushered out the room by his son, Richard fulfills his promise to be there for Archibald during his most important moments in life.

One of the big themes of this movie revolves around the relations between Archibald and Richard. Having been estranged for so long, and with Richard off being tortured on a mission while Archibald’s mother died, there’s a lot of bad blood and ill feelings between them.

In the end, the post-credit sequence shows that Richard will now move Heaven and Earth to be there for his son. This is only reinforced through the character arc Richard has embarked on too, ending up much more selfless than before.


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