Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Magic Academy’s Taboo

Episode 2 of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World Megumin and Yunyun shopping for daggers. Megumin challenges Yunyun to a dagger game in class, but Yunyun refuses. Megumin heads home and gives her sister (Komekko) a lamb sandwich. Komekko leaves the room for a minute and returns with a cat-like creature in her hand. Komekko says Megumin can keep the furry creature. Megumin brings the cat to class, and her female classmates adore it.

Megumin says she hasn’t named the cat yet, while Arue argues it wasn’t a great idea. Megumin says she didn’t feel her home environment was safe. Megumin asks her teacher if the cat can stay with her. Although he denies her at first, Megumin pulls a fast one on her teacher. He allows her to keep it here. Their teacher starts today’s lesson and informs the class that the tomb of the Dark God is weakening, resulting in multiple monsters becoming more active. He tells the class the powerful monsters have been dealt with, but weak ones remain. They’ll be participating in the traditional Crimson Demon augmentation surge to raise their levels quickly.

He leaves class but tells the girls to get into their groups and meet him in the courtyard in 30 minutes. Arue asks Megumin to be in a group, upsetting Yunyun. Before Megumin changes her mind, two other girls ask Yunyun to be in a group with them, upsetting Megumin. The girls meet their teacher outside, and he showcases the weapons they’ll use to combat the monsters. Although their heavy, their teacher informs the girls they can amplify their body’s strength using magic. Yunyun picks up a weapon and realizes their teacher was lying, causing him to deduct points from her. Their teacher freezes a lizard and asks the girls to slay it. Megumin volunteers, but the lizard breaks free and attacks her.

Yunyun and her group’s next, but Yunyun refuses to hurt the rabbit monster due to its cute appearance. Megumin intervenes and tries to persuade the girls to do it. Suddenly, a gargoyle arrives and chases the girls down. Thankfully, a fellow named Bukkorori saves them with his fire magic. He’s a known arch wizard and son of the foremost cobbler among the Crimson Demons. He says he’s in a hole due to Soketto, a Crimson Demon beauty. Yunyun confirms Bukkorori likes stalking Sokketto, but he says he’s an admirer. He set up this trap in hopes that Sokketo would fall into it and he’ll save her. The girls leave Bukkorori in the hold and notice the village being attacked by multiple monsters.

The gargoyle returns, but their principal and teacher blast it away with magic. These two call upon their allies, and they all blast away at the gargoyles with different spells. The girls are amazed and can’t wait to learn amazing magic like theirs before graduation. Megumin’s bummed out that none of them are using explosion magic. Suddenly, their teacher, principal, and their friends start unleashing spells and destroying areas. Afterward, their teacher and principal look at the chaos they caused and blame the gargoyles for its destruction. Fortunately, the principal and teachers rebuilt the land in a single day but got a stern talking to by the parental association. The episode concludes with the girls taunting Megumin by calling her feline friend Megumin.

The Episode Review

This was a silly episode of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World. We have our characters attempting to fend off monsters and meeting new characters. Bokkorori feels like Kazuma’s replacement considering both characters harbor lust for women. In Bokkorori’s case, he’s only infatuated with Sokketo at the moment.

It’ll be intruiging to see Sokketo’s character to see if she harbors any traits from Aqua or Darkness. It’ll make their absence in this narrative feel less apparent. At the same time, many viewers may hope Bokkorori and Sokketo won’t feel too much like clones of those characters. Although this episode has some funny and charming jokes, some antics may not appeal to most viewers.

Nevertheless, this episode gives viewers something to look forward to regarding magical bouts. It would be great to see Megumin, Arue, or Yunyun battle each other or more monsters when they learn spells. Whether they learn the spells demonstrated in this episode is up in the air. Regardless, it would be nice to see our girls engage in more competitive activities that’ll push them to achieve their goals.

Overall, this was a decent chapter of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World. It introduces us to familiar characters from the past while including some who have potential. Hopefully, the next episode will pivot toward our cast learning something pivotal toward their growth. While it’s great to have some humorous chapters and moments, many will prefer more episodes centering around our girls’ growth and journey to becoming strong archwizards.

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