Kokdu: Season of Deity – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Diary & Fake Memories

Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 6 begins with Kokdu telling Doctor Han that Jin Woo can’t come back. She doesn’t listen though and instead wishes for Professor Jin to come back. Her wish is granted as Kokdu finds himself in the underworld again.

She doesn’t feel a pulse on him and regrets wishing, saying she spoke a little too harshly. She wants him to come back and suddenly he opens his eyes and tells her to keep her word. She tells him that she was worried that he died, and he hugs her and lets her cry out.

He tells her that he passed out because of her harsh words and she apologizes, saying she was having a hard time and spoke irrationally. He reminds her not to wish that he disappears because he will. She pinky promises him that not say those words again and she will keep her word.

She mentions that she booked her for a neurology and circulatory system examination, even insisting he’s fine, but she doesn’t believe him.

Okshin shows up at the ward they are in and she recognizes him as a company president. He tells her that he’s there to check the welfare of his employee. He also gets to witness how Doctor Han has control over his master, something that amuses him.

At home, Okshin tells Gakshin about what he witnessed and she is shocked. However, Kokdu explains that he did it because of the promise that he made to Doctor Han’s mother on her way to the underworld. Okshin thinks it would be interesting if Doctor Han tells his master to disappear and Kokdu ties him up for being reckless with his words.

Okshin suggests that he pretends to be Professor Jin, however, he refuses because of his pride as a king of the underworld. He later goes to Jin Woo’s house to read the journal entries.

Doctor Han complains about patients not coming, and Kokdu tells her to make a commercial since she’s very pretty. She makes the commercial flyers and he helps her out. Gakshin feels like she understands why mothers-in-law are sometimes cruel to their daughters-in-law.

Jung Won comes to the hospital to look for Professor Jin and finds that he just left.

Kokdu helps Doctor Han with the posters and he mentions that she called him her boyfriend, but she says she did it to make someone angry, and he feels like he was just used. He doesn’t like the idea and she tells him that she will tell the town’s elders the truth. She thinks that he is jealous but he denies it, yet goes ahead to ask her about her first kiss, claiming to want to know her past and her present.

Hong Geun helps her give out the flyers and she mentions that she is living with Kokdu who denies it blatantly but she stops him. Hong Geun and his wife ask them when they will get married and Jung Won hears the question and wants Kokdu to defend her, but given the information that Kokdu read from Jin Woo’s diary, he defends Doctor Han and tells Jung Won that they had broken up even if she refuses to acknowledge it.

He grabs Doctor Han’s hand and walks away, with Jung Won demanding to know why he didn’t tell her that his memories returned.  They ignore her.

Doctor Han demands to know why he didn’t tell her that his memories returned and that they could have used his details to promote the hospital in an even more effective manner. He asks her if she would be okay if Kokdu disappeared and she is at a loss for words, so he assumes that she’s already made her decision about him being Kokdu and how much she needs him.

At the hospital, Jung Won meets with a patient who has health issues and is also a victim of domestic violence. She urges her to report him, but she is afraid. When the patient leaves,  we see flashbacks of the countless times Jung Won told Jin Woo that they ended up breaking up over little things that could be fixed easily. She thinks he’s acting strange especially since he keeps frequenting a pork belly spot when he hates pork.

When home, Kokdu is grumpy with Okshin and says that he has nothing in Doctor Han’s life. Gakshin tells him that he needs to act like Jin Woo and he agrees to that too. At the hospital, he gets a desk with Jin Woo’s name on it. He writes his name on stickers and pins them on the desk so everyone knows he’s Kokdu.

Doctor Han tells him that she will buy him a better desk if she earns more money.

Jung Won suddenly shows up and wants to talk to him, but he doesn’t want to. She tells him that he is not the man she knew and tells him that he hasn’t regained his memory and relies on diaries. She blames Doctor Han for the current condition. Jung Won dares him to verify that he regained them by taking her on a date. She says that if he regains his memories and wants to leave Jung Won then she will let the Professor be. Doctor Han tells her that if Kokdu regains his memories then Jung Won must apologize for making her look like a liar. They agree.

The preparation for the date Jung Won is hectic in Kokdu because he has to go through all of Jin Woo’s journals.

Yi Deun is checking out Jin Woo’s profile when Chung Seung says that Do Jin Woo is one of the Doctors who know about the list. He says that the Professor can be trusted because of the incident with Jang Mi Soon. Chung Seung realizes that his brother knows about Jang Mi-soon and tells him to be careful and forget the name. Yi Deun tells Chung Seung about Jin Woo’s amnesia.

Okshin and Gakshin are going crazy preparing Kokdu for the date with Jung Won and they try their best to make sure he doesn’t fail.

On the date with Jung, Won Kokdu realizes that the preparation really helped, especially with Jung Won’s tricky questions. Even the pork incident comes up when they get to the pork pit, and he refuses to go in and says he was there for work and not to eat the pork. However, a patient falls and Jung Won tells him to ask the patient about her condition. He is confused and unsure of what to do, but he has Okshin and a Doctor helping him with the terminologies and what’s needed. And that convinces Jung Won even more

In the past, at the hospital, Chung Seung comes looking for Jin Woo. he gives Jin Woo the evidence for the corruption at Pilseong Bio and the long list. He says that he was in charge of the health care centre that altered the patients screening tests and Jang Mi Soon was one of the patients. He tells Doctor Han that Jin Woo was about to go public with the list and then he suddenly attempted suicide.

Doctor Han calls Kokdu about the incident and is excited but he cuts her excitement short when the test results of the patient they brought in come back. He also talks with Jung Won to give her closure.

The dashcam footage from the ambulance arrives at the police station and officer Han Cheol checks it out. As he does, Kokdu is suddenly left with a little boy who the nurse thinks is his.

Doctor Han shows up at the hospital to ask about the list that Chung Seung was talking about but he has no idea. A drunk man comes to the hospital to ask for Jung Won because she reported him for domestic abuse and that his wife ran away.

Kokdu and Doctor Han go to the café and the kid they are with notices them bickering and decides that they are made for each other.

The patient that Jung Won and Kokdu brought in earlier is having eclampsia and Doctor Han calls for a CS. Both she and Kokdu take the patient to the OR.

The drunk man from earlier comes back to cause chaos and the medics are terrified. The situation makes it hard for the Doctors to come and help Doctor Han. The emergency call-out is made and Kokdu suggests they leave but Doctor Han tells him that they need to operate on the woman to save her life. She realizes that he never regained his memory and as such can’t help her with the operation.

In her desperation, she decides to operate on the patient alone, even though she has never done it before. She suddenly calls for Professor Jin, knowing so well that it will make Kokdu go back to the underworld. Her wish is successful because Professor Jin returns.

The Episode Review

This episode was a rollercoaster but gave us insights into the risks that Kokdu might face if he keeps pretending to be Professor Jin. He might put an innocent life in danger; he shouldn’t have lied that his memory is back.

On the other hand, why can’t Doctor Han listen to him and understand that he is not suffering from amnesia? It will be interesting to see what happens now that Jin Woo is back.

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