Klaus (2019) Ending Explained – Where does Klaus go in the end?

Klaus Plot Synopsis

In 19th century Norway, a Royal Postmaster General is fed up with his spoiled, unproductive son Jesper. When his Father forces him to become the new postman on the isolated, ravaged island of Smeerensburg, what follows is a heartwarming tale of friendship, belief and empathy.

Jesper’s chance encounter with a lonely woodworker acts as the catalyst to melt an age-old feud in the town below, and as the film progresses so too does the concept of Christmas.


What’s Jesper’s task?

Angry and disappointed in his son, Jesper’s father sends him to Smeerensburg and tasks him with delivering six thousand letters within a year. The old man makes it clear that if Jesper fails in achieving the target he will no longer be the rightful heir to the family fortune.

After arriving in Smeerensburg, Jesper meets teacher-turned-fishmonger Alva, who introduces him to the toxic state of the town. She informs him that the town is clouded by the bitterness of the feud between two familial clans – the Ellingboes and the Krums. In Smeerensburg, hatred by far outweighs love.

How does Jesper meet Klaus?

Jesper comes across an isolated house far out of the town. He notices the house is filled with handmade toys of all kinds. Then, he encounters a massive woodsman called Klaus. Jesper flees fearing Klaus’s enormous size, but drops behind a drawing he got from a Krum child.

Klaus picks up the drawing, and his curiosity is ignited. Later, he asks Jesper to take him to the house of the boy who made the drawing. Jesper does so. Klaus has a present for the boy. However, it’s too big to fit into the mailbox. So, he launches Jesper up in the air, down the chimney, and into the house. Leaving the gift, Jesper immediately bolts out of the house.

Jesper gets to know children are willing to write letters to Klaus in hopes of getting toys. Believing it would be the best way to complete his target, Jesper persuades Klaus to donate toys in exchange for letters.

Word spreads, and a huge number of children begin sending letters to Klaus. Jesper tells the children that Klaus only gives toys to well-behaved kids and he can see when a child misbehaves. The magic of goodness inspires townspeople to end their dispute. Alva reopens her school where she teaches children to read and write.

What’s the secret behind Klaus’ toymaking?

Klaus runs out of toys to gift to the kids. Moreover, he does not feel like making toys anymore, but Jesper urges him to continue.

The two make a sled for a small girl, Márgu. Later, Klaus reveals his secret to Jesper. Klaus tells he made all the toys for the future kids he was once expecting to have with his wife, Lydia. However, they could never conceive and she died afterwards due to poor health.

Klaus decides to make toys for Christmas with help from Márgu and her people who are arriving to assist Klaus.


Does Jesper leave Smeerensburg?

All has changed since Jesper stepped into the land of Smeerensburg. The grey town has turned bright and happy. He has found his best friend as well as a life partner in form of Alva. As a result, Jesper doesn’t want to leave the place.

However, after he achieves his goal of posting six thousand letters, his father returns on Christmas Eve to take him back home. Through his father, the entire town gets to know Jesper had selfish motives behind posting the letter. Meanwhile, Jesper manages to convince his father to allow him to stay.

Does Smeerensburg forgive Jesper?

Mad at Jesper, the townspeople set out to destroy all the toys for Christmas. However, since Klaus and Alva already got to know about Jesper’s reality from children, they swapped the toys with decoys.

Meanwhile, Ellingboe’s daughter and Krum’s son fall in love. And, due to their marriage, the lengthy feud of families comes to an end for good. Jesper is forgiven, and the town becomes a happy place.


Where does Klaus go in the end?

Jesper and Alva tie the knot and raise two children. He continues toy delivery with Klaus for over 11 years. However, in the 12th year, Klaus disappears saying he is going to join his departed wife.

Even though he is gone, Jesper still hopes he will come back and they will deliver toys again.

Klaus is a movie that perfectly emphasises the strength of goodness. It’s not the place that’s good or bad, instead, it’s the people who mark the characteristics of a place. When good people come together, enlightenment is possible even at the darkest of places.


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