John Wick (2014) Ending Explained – Does John get his revenge?

John Wick Plot Synopsis

John Wick, an ex-hitman, is forced to come out of retirement when his dog is murdered and his vintage car stolen. The man John Wick is trying to find turns out to be the son of a very powerful Russian mob boss, Viggo. It doesn’t take long before John’s path to exact revenge turns deadly as Viggo uses all his might to take down John. 

John Wick

What’s Wick’s situation?

John Wick is reeling from the recent passing of his wife, Helen, due to a terminal illness. The only thing keeping him from plunging into depression is a beagle puppy arranged as a gift for him by his late wife before she passed away.

At a gas station, he encounters a bunch of guys – one of them named Iosef shows an aggressive interest in buying John’s vintage 1969 Ford Mustang. After John rebuffs the offer, the group gives an evident sign that the deal’s not over.

Do the gangsters come back for the car?

Iosef, along with his friends, breaks into John’s house while he is asleep. The gang beats John, kills his puppy, and after a bit of smashing and breaking, they leave stealing John’s Mustang. They take the car to a chop shop run by a man named Aurelio who boasts strong underground connections. Furious, Aurelio slaps Losef after noticing the car he stole belongs to John Wick.

When Iosef’s father, mob boss Viggo, calls to inquire about the incident, Aurelio informs him that it that the person that Losef has picked a fight with is John Wick. Viggo hangs up without uttering a word.

John Wick

What’s Viggo’s reaction?

Viggo hits and berates Iosef before explaining to him that John Wick is no ordinary man with a dog. The mob boss reveals John used to work for him. When John wanted to retire after meeting a woman, Viggo tasked him with doing the impossible.

To everyone’s disbelief, John pulled off the task and left criminal ways. Viggo informs his son that he is no match for John’s capabilities, and the only thing he can do is run from John. Viggo then phones John in an attempt to resolve the matter. However, John has nothing but vengeance in mind.

John Wick Sets Out For Revenge

John Wick retrieves his weaponry and gets ready to find Iosef. His first stop is Aurelio’s chop shop where he obtains details about Iosef. He gets a car and leaves. Viggo sends several hitmen to kill John, but John kills them all causing no surprise for Viggo. 

Viggo places a $2 million bounty on John’s head which he personally offers to John’s mentor, Marcus. Marcus accepts the offer. John checks in at New York Continental Hotel which is exclusively reserved for people from the underworld.

The hotel has strict policies one of which is no assassination within its boundaries. In order to finish off John in the hotel itself, Viggo doubles the bounty for anybody with guts enough to break the Continental’s code and kill John.

John Wick

How does John locate Viggo?

John Wick meets with the manager of Continental Hotel, Winston, who informs him that Iosef is at his nightclub, Red Circle under high security. Wasting little time, John reaches the club where he kills a bunch of Iosef’s henchmen. Despite John’s immaculate efforts, Iosef manages to slip out. He gets back to the hotel for treatment of his wounds. 

A weathered assassin, Ms. Perkins arrives to kill John. However, Marcus alerts John of her presence, and as a result, John subdues her before she can do any harm. He then coerces her to reveal Viggo’s location. 

John Wick

Does John Wick manage to kill Viggo?

John travels to Little Russia where he destroys Viggo’s stolen gold, a cache of cash, papers, and more. Later, he manages to locate Viggo and his men. His attempt to kill Viggo is foiled, and subsequently he is captured. Later, with Marcus’ help, John frees himself, kills Viggo’s men, and set off after Viggo.

He finds and stops Viggo at gunpoint and forces him to reveal Iosef’s location in exchange for his life. Before long, John locates Iosef, and kills him along with his bodyguards.

Viggo comes to learn of Marcus’ betrayal. Consequently, he tortures and kills him. And, then he calls John to report Marcus’ pitiable fate. Viggo plans to have Perkins kill John. However, the plan fails when Perkins is killed by Winston for breaking the law of the Continental.

Winston informs John that Viggo is planning to leave in a helicopter. Subsequently, John reaches New York Harbour where he kills Viggo’s men, and leaves the severely injured mob boss to die. 

John breaks into an animal clinic to treat his wounds. He frees a pit bull that was to be euthanized. An exhausted, yet content John leaves for home on foot with his new dog by his side. 

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