It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – Episode 6 Recap & Review

Moving In

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’s latest episode steps up its game with tense and disturbing moments as we see more of Moon-Young’s dark past. The show remains intriguing and has so far been very consistent in terms of tone and its character¬†development.

Episode 6 of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay starts with Kang entering Moon-Young’s house. He finds his brother sleeping on one of the sofas with an empty bottle of wine next to him. He then heads upstairs and arrives on the balcony where Moon-Young is. He tells her that he has been running away from her up until now and wants to finally thank her for saving him all these years ago. She begs him to look after her but he tells her he has his brother and that’s enough.

As Kang-Tae walks away, Moon-Young tries to stop him and almost falls down the stairs in the process. Kang-Tae holds her back then sees his brother standing there. Sang-Tae tells him that he is now going to live there and help illustrate Moon-Young’s books. Kang-Tae asks him to give him his contract but when Sang-Tae refuses, he takes it off him and rips it up. This angers Sang-Tae who pushes his brother out the house and tackles him to the floor while saying he doesn’t belong to anyone. Moon-Young manages to calm him down though and brings him back inside. She tells Kang-tae that his brother has abandoned him and that he has to now make a choice.

In a flashback, we see Kang-Tae running home to show his mum that he just won a red belt in martial arts. His mother gets cross with him though as he let his brother walk home alone and slapped him because of it. Kang-Tae rebelled and told her that his job is not to look after his brother as he belongs to himself. He then shouted and told her that he wished his brother would die. Sang-Tae ran after him to give him back his belt and they both ended up playing on the frozen lake.

In the distance, we see that Moon-Young was watching them. Suddenly, the ice broke and Sang-Tae fell in the icy water. Kang-Tae first started to run away but soon went back to save him. Sang-Tae then walked away, leaving his brother there while Moon-Young debated whether to save Kang-Tae’s life, which she eventually did.

The next day, Kang-Tae speaks to Ju-Ri’s mum about what happened with his brother. She believes it is a good thing and that he should root for him as he has looked after him really well up until now. Meanwhile, Mr Lee and Seung-Jae arrive at Moon-Young’s with cake to help her write. They are surprised to find Sang-Tae living there, which Mr Lee doesn’t think is a good idea. Moon-Young tells them she has a safety pin as Kang-Tae arrives too with his bags.

Moon-Young and Kang-Tae come to an agreement; Sang-Tae will stay on weekdays but will go home with him on the weekends and she promises to show respect. She then takes him to her old room which makes Sang-Tae very happy. Meanwhile the news of the brothers moving to Moon-Young’s place reach Jae-Su and Ju-Ri who are not happy about it.

Later on, Sang-Tae starts to wander down to the basement in her house. Moon-Young stops him and tells him the story of Bluebeard. He lived alone in a huge castle and everyone feared him because of his blue beard. Eventually, he married a poor woman and bought her lot of jewels but warned her never to go in the locked room in the basement. However, one day she decided to go inside and found the corpses of Bluebeard’s wives as they ignored his warnings about visiting that room.

Sang-Tae later relays the story to his brother and asks him why people were afraid of Bluebeard. Kang-Tae tells him that it was because he was different which makes him wonder if he will also need to live by himself.

In the morning, Moon-Young is surprised to find the house cleaned and breakfast made by the brothers. The three sit together and eat before leaving for work in the hospital.

While waiting for her class to start, Moon-Young sees someone looking at her. The woman tells her she is her mother. This disturbs Moon-Young who asks her if she really is back. The woman starts rambling on which makes her realise she is talking about someone else. Kang-Tae arrives just in time though just as Moon-Young grabs the woman and takes her back to her room. Kang-Tae finds out from Haeng-Ja that the woman is suffering from severe depression and has recently lost her daughter but still believes that she is alive.

During her class, Moon-Young shouts at one of the patients as she is still affected by her latest encounter. Kang-Tae hears about what has happened and meets with Mr Lee who asks him to move out of Moon-Young’s place as he claims that only he can handle her. Kang-Tae refuses and goes looking for Moon-Young.

Meanwhile, Moon-Young walks around the hospital with the same woman following her and claiming to be her mum again. She sees the brothers eating with Ju-Ri and her mother which makes her angry. She then tells the woman to stop using the word “mum” as her mother is dead, claiming that her skull cracked and that the floor is still stained with her blood.

In the evening, Moon-Young heads into the locked room and sees a dark patch on the floor. She sits by a vanity and remembers her mother brushing her hair. She asked her mother why Bluebeard killed his wife and she replied that it was because they didn’t listen to him. She tells her she should always listen, but suddenly grabs her hair and asks why she brought him there.

We then see that it actually was a dream as Moon-Young is in her bed, unable to move as the spirit of her mother hovers above her. Kang-Tae hears her crying and rushes inside the room. He holds her in his arms and tells her it was just a dream. Moon-Young tells him to leave but he tells her he will stay, which closes the episode.

As we learn more clues each week about Moon-Young’s childhood, we are left to wonder just what trauma she had to endure. Her parents seem to be in the middle of it all; she was clearly abused by both and it is hinted at that her father may have killed his wife. There are some truly creepy moments in this episode too but also some tough ones to watch for the two brothers.

Kang-Tae also had a difficult past with her mother and Sang-Tae. We also finally saw just what happened the day on the lake which was quite sad too. There are plenty more moments to be revealed I’m sure in this original and intense K-drama, and I am really intrigued to find out more.

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