Isaac Watters – Extended Play 001 | Album Review

Track Listing

Listen To The Wind
Child In The Rain


Music like Extended Play 001 is decisively warming, but it also can leave you with emotion riffling through your mind, and the story here is poetically thrilling, yet poignant in its themes and delivery. Musician Isaac Watters delivers a brilliant showcase in musical storytelling, proving that his work can inspire and be a crutch for many. The man showcases his muse here like a grand moment in time, and what he’s produced with these 4 songs can’t be understated.

Extended Play 001 breaks conventions and it thrills, exemplifying a sound which has been designed for the heartbroken, and the people who want to feel safe in their own skin and world. Watters has the ability to connect on a higher level, and his work signifies his sincere way with words, his adeptness at creating moments of innocence, and the way his music reverberates. All or this while at the same time not being raucous.

These four songs highlight musical technicalities. Piano vibes and guitar wonderment merge in brilliant synergy. ‘Sadness’ is a thrilling stab at melody and the lyrics seem to reveal sadness. Watters wishes to leave something more than melancholy. The instrumentals build up to a great sonic influence, too. ‘Child In The Rain’ is another well-designed track, with subtle instrumentals, and an emotional tinge comes to the forefront. Watters delivers a sad story, and his vocals are pristine.

‘Sliding’ finishes this 4 track EP with a subtle groove, and the percussion compliments the vocal work wonderfully. His range is pure, and the arrangements are flawless. He describes hearts breaking and dark thoughts.

Isaac Watters is an able musician who has embarked on creating his own thought-provoking stories, fables which aren’t always joyous, but they all count, and they’re all mesmerizing.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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