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Abandon Ship

Episode 2 of Intergalactic Season 1 begins with our ragtag group of fugitives making it to a planet called Pau-Rosa. They crash-land spectacularly, skidding across the planet’s surface. It’s fair to say Ash is not exactly a great pilot. With their shroud tech down, Ash charges outside to investigate.

She’s lucky there’s breathable oxygen on the planet though, given she does this without any protective gear. Eventually the others pull her back inside.

Meanwhile, Genevieve, Tula and Candy fly off to Solander Town on urgent business. While they’re gone, Emma approaches Ash and convinces her to get off the ship. As they do, she pushes the girl aside and hurries off on her own, blindly hurrying into a prison camp where she sticks out like a sore thumb.

There she finds a man called Echo whom she beats up after trying to steal his car. It’s good to know that this girl is also a thief as well as a murderer. Echo has a few tricks up his sleeves though and he manages to turn the jeep around. Succumbing to defeat, Ash allows Echo to tag along with her.

They ride into town together, where Ash takes the man’s clothes to blend in. She can’t speak the language and instead steals money to get what she needs. She uses this to phone home, letting Rebecca and the others know exactly what planet she’s on.

Meanwhile, Tula reminds Candy that they’re for business. The group make it inside the club where the mistress is there to greet them. Tula wants coordinates to Arcadia. She strikes up a deal with this woman, who in turn starts conducting surgery on Candy.

Tula is double-crossed; this woman doesn’t have the directions after all. Candy goes into shock and passes out on the operating table.

Back on the Commonworld, Rebecca leads the group to track down Wendell. He’s in custody and Rebecca immediately heads up to confront him. Wendell shrugs, telling her that “The ARC will resist the might of the Commonworld.” It turns out he’s a terrorist, at least by the eyes of Rebecca and the group. He prefers the term freedom fighter though.

Wendell is not happy with the authorities, bringing her attention to Aurea and what they’re doing to his planet.

Anyway, Ash’s stolen funds allow her to phone Earth. She confirms their location but Ash is given a new mission. Rebecca and the group task her with finding and apprehending Emma Greaves. Emma however, heads up atop a big radio tower and sends a message. Quite where and to whom though, remains to be seen.

A storm is fast incoming though and she scrambles down, back to the ship. Tula, Genevieve and Candy also make their way back to the Hemlock too. Greaves and Ash finally follow, with dust blowing all over the place.

Verona eventually shoots Emma, while Tula stats firing against the drones buzzing angrily outside. While this commotion is going on, Echo sneaks aboard and starts flying the ship for them all. Eventually they take off, flying directly through the storm and out into space.

With Ash and Greaves both in custody, Tula holds a gun up to them both and contemplates what to do next. Just before tasking Genevieve with throwing them out the airlock, Emma suddenly recovers and admits the truth. She knows the way to Arcadia.

The Episode Review

The second chapter of Intergalactic sees our space-bound team crash-land on Pau-Rosa, and what a relief everyone there speaks English and can breathe oxygen. Given how quickly Ash charges off the ship, you’d think there would be some safety precautions around using spacesuits and making sure they’re safe. Then again, foresight and careful planning are not hallmarks of this sci-fi show.

There is some intrigue with Emma’s story though and she definitely has some unusual and shadowy history that makes her an interesting character to watch.

By comparison, Ash is becoming more and more insufferable as these episodes progress. Not only has she not acknowledged she killed thousands of people on those two spaceships last episode, she actively berates a woman for not speaking English and then steals money and a car. To be fair though, she slots right in alongside these other criminals.

Given various articles across the internet have more background and exposition on these characters than the show itself, it really does speak volumes about Intergalactic. In essence though, this is basically a watered down version of Orange Is The New Black in space, without the charm, charisma or compelling characters to back it up. Let’s hope this one picks up soon. Two episodes in though, this doesn’t look good.

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