Infamy Season 1 Review – A gripping tale of a teenager’s journey to freedom

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Infamy is a Polish teen TV drama about culture, tradition, religion, music, and hip-hop. The Netflix Series tells the story of a 17-year-old Romani girl, Gita, who lives separately from her extended family in Wales since her family was exiled due to her Father’s, Marko, gambling addiction.

Her family, including her mother Viola, younger siblings Lala and Kevin, along with her father, return to Poland when the family finally welcomes them back home. However, there is a catch to the invite, and Gita is at the centre of it. 

A deal made at her expense threatens to shatter Gita’s dream and ambitions of becoming a rapper. She also realizes that her Romani roots are not as free compared to the life she had been living in Wales. The series sheds light on the cruelty and indifference of Polish people towards the Roma community, depicting themes of racism and hate and highlighting the vibrancy and beauty of the Romani culture through its delicious food, music, and family.

In addition, the script also delves into dark themes of domestic abuse and regressive cultural and traditional practices, especially towards Romani Women in its endorsement of traditional gender roles. However, it portrays the traditional world effectively without stereotyping and illustrates the character’s struggles by exploring the intersection between the love for hip-hop and rap by the new generation and traditional music.

The plot gives viewers a chance to understand Romani customs of arranged marriages and patriarchal society while surrounded by modern Catholicism. The type of traditions that even if one denounces, they must conform to, and these traditions bide the main character. 

The central character in the series is Gita. She is neither a Barbie girl nor living in a Barbie world. However, she is brave, determined, fierce, and phenomenal in the face of immense challenges that a 17-year-old should not face. In the first episodes, she tries to live up to her family’s expectations since she is eager to learn her Romani roots, but later realizes she has to fight for her freedom and for her right to love and be loved and to follow her dreams.

Gita’s character is versatile, and she can skilfully portray the range of emotions the character encounters in the series effortlessly, keeping viewers glued and living through her every distressful situation and happy moments together. 

Gita’s parents, Marko and Viola, amazingly support Gita’s character in the series with their perfect chemistry. Marko is guilty of his past actions that led to his family being exiled; therefore, when invited back to the family, he is agreeable to every suggestion, which hurts his family. However, later he becomes decisive and chooses his family’s happiness above all.

Viola is a supportive wife and mother. She forgives Marko wholeheartedly no matter the mess he gets them into and supports her daughter’s decision. She stands up for Gita when the family turns their back on them. Gita’s friends Eliza, Kalim, Cherry, and Nadia are also loyal and supportive. They stand with Gita to the very end and support her dreams, even if they may seem life-threatening to Roman traditions.

Gita’s fierceness rubs on Eliza, who bravely gets out of a toxic situation. Stefan is selfish and only cares about money and his business. He is the initiator of most of Gita’s misery. The rest of the cast does an incredible job with performances, keeping viewers glued to the screen, hoping everything works out for Gita. 

Gita has to fight and keep fighting to find her identity and voice. She is brave, determined, and dedicated to being herself – but infamy comes at a price. This is a touching and gripping story about a teenager who is suddenly thrown into a complex, distressful, dark, and extremely difficult world. 

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