I Feel You Linger In the Air Season 1 Review – A love that surpasses even time!

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I Feel You Linger in The Air is a historical boy’s love romance and fantasy drama following the story of Jom and Yai. Jom, a young architect, is tasked with renovating an old house where his workers find a peculiar chest. They are unable to either move or open the trunk, but Jom easily opens it and finds unfamiliar items that feel connected to him. Jom then starts to see visions of himself in the same house but in a different era with a man who seems like his lover.

In the present, Jom awaits the return of his lover from abroad so they can build a life together. However, his boyfriend returns with a pregnant fiancée and breaks up with Jom. Sad, heartbroken, and drunk, Jom gets into an accident and falls off a bridge into the river. He is rescued but finds himself in Thailand but in a different era and comes across the man he had seen in his dreams. 

I Feel You Linger in Air adds a fresh spin to the boys’ love series with its transmigration plot. The script has supernatural, fantasy and mystery elements, which makes the series stand out. In the first half of the story, the writers clearly depicted Jom’s confusion and frustrations. He is in unfamiliar territory, but almost everyone around him is familiar, just not in the way he knows them.

The script takes time to get Jom accustomed to the new environment and does not rush the interactions in the first half. Later, the writing perfectly immerses Jom in the past through the dialogue and mannerisms. 

One thing that stands out in I Feel You Linger in the Air is the sceneries and the cinematic depiction of the ancient era. The audience can clearly understand the differences between Jom’s present era and his transmigration period. The clear distinction between social status, the mansions and the sheds, and the old-school transportation system using boats, transports viewers to a different era, and one gets lost in its ambience. 

Jom and Yai’s characters are phenomenal in their acting. Their chemistry on screen is enchanting and undeniable. They fall in love gradually, but the slow-burn romance is entrancing and not frustrating. Once they get together, they embody the different emotions of love, joy, comfort, happiness, hurt, and uncertainty, flawlessly carrying the viewers along with every emotion. They not only portray their chemistry through dialogues but also the lingering gazes, the micro-facial expressions, and the subtle touches that make their characters come alive vividly. 

Unlike other series where the support characters practically disappear when the main characters get together, the support characters in I Feel You Linger in the Air have their subplots and backstories. The audience can not only root for the main cast but also follow the distressing story of Fongkaew as she fights to survive Robert’s ruthlessness and sympathises with Khamsaen.

Ming is a royal friend to Jom. However, he is also helpless and angry since he is unable to protect his mother from Robert. Ueangphueng is kindhearted and courageous, and the audience could root for her freedom and her love story with Mei. In addition, James is the embodiment of freedom that every other character in the series yearns for. He is free to follow the career he wants, mingle with everyone, love freely without fear of judgment, and speak up without fear of punishment. 

I Feel You Linger in the Air takes the top spot as one of the best Thai Bl Series of 2023. There are still many questions left unanswered at the end, and viewers are hopeful for season 2. This will certainly help alleviate any lingering confusion, in addition to extra thrilling episodes of this transmigration story. 

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  • - 8.2/10

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