I Feel You Linger in The Air – Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Jom Disappears from Yai’s Era and Reappears in Chiang Mai, 2023

Episode 12 of I Feel You Linger in the Air starts with Jom having a dream in which he and Yai dig out a ring under a tree outside Yai’s house. When Jom wears the ring, a different version of Yai tells him that he is giving him this to remind him that his heart will only be Jom’s forever. Jom wakes up startled and tells Yai about the dream in which Yai looks like an ancient warrior. The dream confuses Jom, and Yai comforts him. 

What does Yai promise?

After his dream, Jom makes Yai dig out the exact spot outside his house, but they do not find anything. They stop digging and go to bid Yai’s sister and Mei farewell. When they return, Jom notices all the house’s mirrors are covered. Yai tells him that he does not want to see Jom worry about his shadow disappearing. 

Yai wakes up in the middle of the night and does not see Jom by his side. He wakes up worriedly and runs downstairs, looking for Jom. He runs into his arms and tells him he fears losing him. Jom tells Yai not to worry since he is by his side now. That night, Yai makes love to Jom, making him feel all the emotions of their time together and the lingering uncertainty of their future. 

The following morning, Yai notices that Jom’s body is disappearing. Yai takes him to the tree seen in one of the photos he found in the chest. Jom feels anxious since no one has come to the tree, but Yai asks him to sit beside him. Yai tells him that he will go abroad to study, and when he returns, he will take the test to become a judge. Jom promises to wait for him at their little house until he returns to him. Yai promises that he will never love anyone else. No matter how far apart they are, he will never let anyone take away the love for Jom in his heart. 

What does Jom find in the chest?

Yai asks Jom to stand near the tree so he can draw his portrait. He will carry it when he goes to study abroad and look at it when he misses him. Yai concentrates on the drawing that he does not notice Jom disappearing. He looks up, notices Jom’s body slowly turning to dust, and rushes to his side. Jom always asks him to be happy, even when he is not around. He promises Yai that he will wait for him at the house of Plathip. Jom says he loves Yai very much and hopes they will meet again. With teary eyes filled with sadness, they hug each other one last time, and Jom disappears. Yai is left alone under the tree, calling out to Jom. 

Jom goes back to his present in the year 2023 in Chiang Mai. He is rescued from the river, where he sees the ancient warrior version of Yai before waking up in an ambulance. His sister, SomJeed, takes him to his house later when he feels better. His ex-boyfriend, Ohm, and new girlfriend, Khaimuk, visit him and apologise. Jom does not mind them and asks Ohm to care for the person he loves. 

Jom goes back to the house of Plathip to continue the renovations. One of his assistants gives him a key and tells him that a woman insists that Jom gets the key. He also tells him they could not open or move the chest they found upstairs. Jom heads upstairs and opens the chest. Inside, he finds the drawings he drew in the alternate era. He also finds a letter from Yai about his life without him.

What happens to Ueang Phueng and Mei?

Ueang Phueng and Mei leave to stay together at the family’s old house. Ueang says they will sell something to start a life, and she will study politics. The family agrees since Ueang is always determined, and they cannot stop her. Their father gives his blessings and asks his assistant to drive them to their new home. 

What happens to Fongkaew and Khamsaen?

Fongkaew leaves a letter to Khamsaen and tells him she has left to start a new life with her mother. Khamsaen goes to Jom heartbroken, and Jom encourages him to move on. He and Fongkaew might not be meant for each other in this life. Khamsaen insists that he still loves Fongkaew and will not be able to move on.

Jom tells him that Fongkaew did not fall out of love, but she faced many factors that forced her decision. The most important thing is that she made the decision herself. Hence, it was one of the few times she could choose her path, and Khamsaen should understand. They might not be meant for each other in this lifetime, but might end up together in another one. In Jom’s present, they are together as Ohm and Khaimuk. 

During the engagement party of Soradech’s daughter and Yai, Jom comes with irrefutable evidence that Robert and Soradech were behind the burning down of Kad Luang. The police arrest Soradech and Robert. 

How does I Feel You Linger in The Air End?

Jom finds the drawings and the letter. He sits on the stairs crying after reading the letter. He constantly calls out Yai’s name and suddenly hears an answer. Yai walks in, and Jom runs into his arms. He wonders how Yai could be with him, and Yai says he never left the house. The episode ends as they hold each other close, and Yai wipes Jom’s tears.

The Episode Review

I Feel You Linger in the Air is a slow-burn romance but puts a fresh spin into the time travel and transmigration storyline. There are still so many unanswered questions at the end of the episode. Regardless, the series needs applause for the fantastic cast, script, sceneries, and cinematography.

Watching Jom gradually disappear in this episode until he turns to dust is agonising. Yai wore his emotions effortlessly, making viewers feel his sadness and worry about an uncertain future, the love and happiness in every second he spent with Jom, repeatedly telling him that he was his only love. The audience could feel the agony in his heart after Jom disappeared, and I am sure we all shed a tear. 

However, after Jom returns to his present, the end of the episode feels rushed. So many questions are left unanswered. Who is the Yai who enters the house at the end of the episode? Did he transmigrate like Jom from the past, or is he a reincarnation with memories of the past since he seems to remember Jom and the house? What does he mean when he says he never left the house? Also, who is Somjeed’s crush in the present Mei from the past? These unexplained instances need a particular episode or another I Feel You Linger In The Air season. 

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