I Am The Night Episode 4 Recap & Review


More Than Meets The Eye

After last week’s dramatic episode, I Am The Night slows its pace for a more methodical examination into our two main characters, with a plot involving several trips to the art gallery and one big reveal at the end.

The episode begins with Fauna and Jay both on track to uncovering the truth behind the murders. After their intermittent meet up last episode, Fauna returns back home where she finds herself visiting the crime scene where Nero was last spotted. After receiving a tip over the black car that’s been following her around, she returns back home where she’s given an invitation to “The Happening”, an art exhibition hosted by the Hodels.

While Fauna examines this further, Jay continues to piece together the clues he’s uncovered so far which just so happens to bring him to the art gallery as well. After a dramatic confrontation between Fauna and her Grandmother, she’s ambushed by the mysterious man from before who threatens to kill her. As Jay stumbles upon the commotion, he and Fauna team up together to neutralise the man before going their separate ways again.

The final third of the episode sees Jay receiving a mysterious letter, inviting him back to the art gallery where he uncovers upon something that changes the game completely. While this is going on, Fauna goes back to visit her mother where she learns more about her past.

If there’s one thing I Am The Night has done really well with during its run time, it’s the musical score. The minimalist chimes with jazz influences are really well implemented and work well to sell the mood and time period of the series. I’ve mentioned it in previous Impression pieces too but the colour blue is used throughout the show and here in particular it really accentuates the cold, hostility of the art exhibit they visit. It’s subtle but also something that does help keep things aesthetically consistent throughout.

While I Am The Night is an enjoyable show, the moments of dramatic excitement are sporadic at best. The series feels overlong and too much of its run time thus far has felt bloated and unnecessary. Given the amount of plot and character development we’ve actually received, the run time could easily have been cut in half. There are still decent elements to this series though but the slow pace and long run time are really holding this back from being a better title. Still, with two episodes to go there’s still time for this one to produce a stunning finale but time will tell whether this comes into fruition or not.


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