Hypnotic (2021) Netflix Movie Review – Bafflingly Bland Bore-fest


Bafflingly Bland Borefest

Calling this movie bafflingly bland is probably an improvement over what Netflix have cooked up with their latest thriller, Hypnotic. Between a predictable script, some tepid camera work and cardboard cutout characters, Hypnotic is likely to put you to sleep before its characters.

The premise itself though is pretty straightforward and actually quite enticing, especially after a tantalizing taster during the prologue. Our protagonist is recently unemployed and grief-stricken Jenn Tompson. She’s still mourning the loss of her child after a heartbreaking 33 minutes following childbirth, and this black hole sucked in her ex, Brian, whom she’s no longer with.

As Jenn’s friend Gina tells her, she’s “in a vortex of crap.”

In order to find her way out, Gina suggests Jenn visit the mysterious and creepy Dr Collin Meade. This guy is a master of hypnotherapy and can apparently help her overcome the grief she’s suffering from. Fast forward three months and Jenn is a changed woman. Or is she?

This plot ultimately forms the crux of the drama but don’t worry, the movie will instantly tell you what’s going on 28 minutes into the movie. Not only does it destroy any credibility the film may have had, Hypnotic then somehow falls into every single cliché in the book, adding extra dollops of cheese along the way.

From characters acting erratically (Jenn doesn’t even bother to check on Dr Meade’s credentials until three months of sessions have passed) to a bland tired conclusion, complete with the antagonist monologue and inevitably shootout. It’s all fluffy, mediocre stuff and to be honest, when you look at the writing credentials for those involved with this project, it’s no wonder.

Now, revenge thrillers and psychological chillers have been about for a long time and we’ve seen some clever ones over the years. Gothika and What Lies Beneath both tackle shady males holding secrets while something like The Hypnotist and The Hypnotized both handle the hypnotherapy side of things a lot more elegantly.

There’s not much else to say about Hypnotic. It’s a poorly constructed film, with poor camera work, a poor script and a poor “twist” at the end. Put this one on when you’re trying to fall asleep – because that’s the only benefit you’ll get from watching this paint-by-numbers thriller.

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  • Verdict - 2/10

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