Hold Tight – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Body

Episode 2 of Hold Tight picks up back at the dump, as the two binmen find that bloodied woman. There’s no phone or bag on her, although forensics are there and doing prints. The detectives haven’t asked around just yet but a man picks up her phone, dropped on the floor exactly where Anna was beaten down.

Over at Kaja’s place, there are problems. Adam hasn’t been picking up her calls. She talks to her father Pawel (who gets handsy with her mum in the shower just before but it doesn’t seem to traumatize the poor kid too much) and points out how erratic Adam was at the party.

Both Gajos and Adam are missing, something is going on but we’re not getting the whole picture just yet. Kaja contemplates whether to break into Adam’s house, but remembering his high security to get in, thinks better of it.

Back at the police station, sexism runs rampant. That female detective we saw earlier, Ewelina, is called into the boss’ office. She’s called out for interfering, given Jacek is the one in charge of the case. Now, Jacek deduces that the body they’ve found is an that of an anonymous prostitute and the prints have brought back no hits. Of course, there’s also the subject of Anna’s disappearance here too, which could be connected to this.

Ewelina comes back with an alternate theory – one with more substantial evidence. The toxicology report shows no traces of illegal substances, the shoes don’t have have a single mark on them and the woman’s finger actually shows evidence of a wedding ring that’s been removed. Basically, everything she says reinforces that she’s more competent for the case – so Ewelina is allowed to take the reigns of this one.

Michal spends most of this episode trying to find Anna, and in the end begins cycling through all of her gear, trying to find a clue to his wife’s whereabouts. However, a call comes in from the hospital confirming that Anna has been found and she’s in an ambulance.

Michal scrambles there and finds Anna alive, sporting a nasty cut on her head that’s thankfully been stitched up. She’s very much alive and is eventually discharged, heading home with her partner. She’s happy to learn Michal did, in fact, install spyware on Adam’s phone so although her own phone is gone, she can still use Michal’s. It’s at this point we also learn that Adam and Kaja had sex in the past.

Anna reminds Michal that phoning the police now is pointless. After all, someone has to be missing for 48 hours in order for the police to even consider looking into this. Despite that, installing a spy app is actually illegal, given Adam is legally an adult, and Anna is reminded of that later on back home. Anna is overly protective of her son, brought on partially from a traumatic moment that occurred in the past.

That night, the woman looking for Marianna, Renata, is kidnapped and thrown in the back of that same van we’ve been seeing a lot of recently. Quite how tHIS ties in to Anna and the rest of the mystery is anyone’s guess at this point. Her kidnappers take her and threaten to kill her baby boy unless she play ball and tell them everything they want to know.

The Episode Review

Who are these kidnappers? What do they want with Marianna and what does she have to do with Adam’s disappearance? There are plenty of questions with this one and it certainly sets up an intriguing mystery going forward.

The show has done well so far to keep up a consistent level of mystery with this, and quite how all these players slot together is still unknown at this point. However, Hold Tight has a lot of characters and the Polish setting is a nice way to change things up while keeping things suitably mysterious.

There’s plenty more to uncover with this mystery, which leaves everything balanced on a precarious knife edge

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