Hightown – Season 2 Episode 3 “Fresh as a Daisy” Recap & Review

Fresh as a Daisy

Episode 3 of Hightown Season 2 begins with Charmaine ready to start dealing with Frankie, complete with a private jet. As they get to work, Alan also learns the body out in the park is that of Kissel’s. When Jackie finds out, she’s incredulous that Alan wants to pin this on Junior, believing another is responsible.

As we know, it was Osito who pulled the trigger. However, when Donna is interviewed, she loses her temper and hopes that Junior did kill him, given there’s no love lost between her and Kissel. This is, of course, made all the worse given Donna is now working at Xander’s.

Upon learning this, Jackie heads in to see Osito in prison. She wants to know the truth, and eventually he spills the truth that he put him on a bus to Miami with bills in his pocket. Jackie obviously doesn’t buy this and realizes Osito is behind the killings. When she tells Alan, it comes right off the back of him getting praise from superiors. Realizing that Jackie is not following the chain of command, he lashes out and demands she go back to the beat with Leslie.

During Leslie and Jackie’s stake-out, Jorge notices them outside and puts on a bit of a show. This obviously doesn’t fly with Jackie, who appears and squares up to Frankie inside. She’s immediately challenged though when he puts his handgun down on the table. Thankfully Leslie heads in and saves the day, stopping anything unpleasant from blowing up between them.

While this is going on, Renee learns that she’s 8 weeks pregnant but the trouble is, she’s not sure who the father is. To avoid any unpleasantness in the future, she books in an abortion. At the same time, Ray shows up to spend some quality time with Nick and Maryanne.

With business on the up, Charmaine visits Osito in prison, admitting that she’s working with Frankie now. He warns her to be careful but in exchange for helping him out, Charmaine wants Osito on her side, ready to make a power play.

Meanwhile, Frankie decides to head out and orders Renee to wear a revealing skirt that night. Jorge and Daisy are there too, and they intentionally visit Ray’s workplace, and personally request Ray as their waiter. Inevitably a big fight breaks out, leading to Ray fired for hitting Frankie. He also loses any respect that Nick had for him too, saying, in no uncertain terms, “f**k off Ray.”

The whole club incident and the earlier chat with Jackie is enough for Donna to loosen her lips. On the phone, she mentions how she heard Jorge and Frankie talking. Apparently, Jorge has been pimping out Daisy, and this revelation is enough to realize they may just have some dirt to use on the brothers after all.

Ray, down on his luck, approaches Alan and pleads with him for help. He claims he’s not cut out for “normal work” and needs something to sink his teeth into. Well, Alan tells him he can go and find out who supplied the drugs, eventually leaving him with a big choice to make.

The Episode Review

The third episode of Hightown sees everything at somewhat of a stand-still. Although Charmaine is now working with Frankie and Jackie is struggling to adjust to protocol, there’s not much advancement on the overarching plot. Instead, we start to see more of the character relations and ensuing drama that’s woven through this second season.

The situation between Frankie, Renee and Ray is still as volatile now as it was in season 1 and that’s not helped by the incident at the diner. It’s clear Ray wants to get back into police work but he hasn’t exactly made a great case for himself. However, Alan has thrown an unofficial bone his way, allowing him to investigate the drug situation.

However, the series does manage to keep things interesting and the overarching story, involving this cat and mouse chase and the drugs being distributed into Cape Cod, is engaging enough to stick with for the time being,

Quite what next week’s episode has in store for us though, remains to be seen.

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