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More Than One Killer

Interestingly, this season of High Seas saw not one but two killers. There’s a couple of plot contrivances and a few other questionable inclusions but on the whole, the season does a relatively good job providing some entertainment.

While one was an obvious distraction from the other, it’s worth breaking down who both these killers are and exactly what drove them.

Who Killed Viktor?

Carmen and Doctor Ayala worked together to interrogate and kill Viktor. They assumed he was the one posing as Alex Katona but Ayala took it one step too far and killed the man.

He’s hardly remorseful either and some of that stems from his dark past. Ayala previously worked in the concentration camps, known for his horrible treatment of patients. He beat this man so badly that he died and for absolutely nothing.

Carmen was only working with him because she was being blackmailed into working with him. Only, she also contradicts herself a little by mentioning early on that Ayala is “in it for money” which assumes that he’s being paid.

Who Is Alex Katona? What Does She Want?

Alex is short for Alexandra. Alexandra can then be abbreviated to Ana. Ana is Katona. Eva finally works this out late in the game, thanks to the developed photo stashed away in Uncle Pedro’s cabin.

It turns out Ana was working with Hector but her motives are certainly different to his. Hector wanted to destroy Natalia’s shipping lane and that’s exactly what he’s doing on-board.

However, Ana’s motivation is purely for selfish reasons. She was the one who created the virus originally and she wanted to kill everyone for… vanity purposes? In its simplest form, she basically wanted to give the virus to everyone in order to admire her own work.

The whole idea though was to kill two birds with one stone. Release the virus onboard the ship far enough out from shore to kill everyone. When the ship finally reached land (with, I’d imagine, a spectacular scene of the dock being destroyed akin to The Lost World: Jurassic Park), the company would come under fire for what’s happened.

It’s a little goofy and a bit super-villainy but then again this is a show with an actual ghost and doppelganger so there is that!

There we have it, that’s who the killers are this season in High Seas. What did you think of the big reveal? Do let us know in the comments below!

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