Hi Bye, Mama! – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap and Review

The Talismans

Hi Bye, Mama has really been quite emotional so far and has also given us some powerful messages around death and making sure we live life to its fullest. This episode predominantly concentrates on family and their grief when a loved one passes away. There were some harrowing moments as we see the ghosts struggling to move on and desperately wanting to help their loved ones while we also see the dilemma both Yu-Ri and Min-Jeong face.

Episode 6 of Hi Bye Mama begins with a flashback of Yu-Ri crying in the charnel house on the day she died. The four main ghosts try talking to her but she is inconsolable. We then see a montage of each of the ghosts crying and despairing when their relatives come to visit their remains.

In the present, Min-Jeong arrives at Hyeong-Jeong’s restaurant and sits at the bar to have a drink. Yu-Ri keeps to herself but worries she might recognise her. Min-Jeong suggests if Seo-Woo is that precious to her then she can be her mum, before collapsing from having drunk too much.

The next morning, all three women wake up very sore and with plasters on their faces while all the ghosts visit the temple to protest to their deity about not being given the same opportunity as Yu-Ri. Mi-Dong soon arrives and manages to chase them away with a talisman. In the charnel house, the ghosts decide to perform a song and dance about refusing to be slaves anymore, wanting to be treated equally.

All three women come face to face in the nursery but things are a little awkward between them. Min-Jeong and Hyeon-Jeong walk back together and are trying to remember what happened the night before. Yu-Ri is surprised to see her father in the school as he is there to teach the children about safety. He is happy to see Seo-Woo and almost sees his daughter too. We then see a flashback of the day he found out he was going to be a granddad and how delighted he was, promising to take care of everything for them.

Back in the charnel house, Mi-Dong has punished everyone and banished them in their urns with multiple talismans. In hospital, Professor Jang tries to defend Gang-Hwa to his superior and promises that he will seek professional help. The superior dismisses him and tells him he will have to attend a disciplinary meeting.

After their talisman falls off, the trio of ghosts (Pil-Seung’s family) decide to head to the nursery to lure Yu-Ri out by hanging around Seo-Woo. This works as we watch her rush out of the school but is actually surprised to see them get rid of another troublesome ghost. She decides to go back to the charnel house with them and sees that all the ghosts are trapped in their urns. She takes the talismans off and speaks to them about their situation. They explain that they want to stay ghosts and one by one ask her for favours. She is overwhelmed at first but finally agrees to grant them each a request.

During his disciplinary hearing, the board discusses the facts before sending Gang-Hwa away. Professor Jang defends him again explaining that a doctor is also a person as we see a flashback of him finding Gang-Hwa drinking and blaming himself for Yu-Ri’s death.

In a coffee shop, Hyeon-Jeong overhears the mothers from the school gossiping about Min-Jeong again. She decides to go over to their table and berates them again for spreading rumours before heading back to her restaurant and her best friend. Yu-Ri tells her that she knows her place is not with Gang-Hwa anymore and that Min-Jeong should be the one raising Seo-Woo.

However, after Hyeon-Jeong reveals that Min-Jeong is planning to get a divorce, Yu-Ri decides to go for a walk. As she is about to cross the road, she comes face to face with Min-Jeong and Seo-Woo. The little girl quickly runs into her mother’s arm before Min-Jeong takes her back. We then see a flashback of what happened the night before as Yu-Ri and Hyeon-Jeong were stumbling and trying to help Min-Jeong, who was very drunk. The episode ends with Yu-Ri asking Min-Jeong if she can do it, referring to the time Min-Jeong told Yu-Ri to be Seo-Woo’s mother.

In the epilogue, we see the women ghosts discussing their regrets while wishing they could still eat and drink.

This latest episode gives us more details about each of the ghosts’ past which adds even more depth and emotion to the drama. Watching them so frustrated as they are unable to help their families was really sad and if Yu-Ri keeps her word to grant their wishes, we are bound to be granted even more touching scenes.

We also saw that Professor Jang actually cares about Gang-Hwa as he has been fighting his corner ever since he has known him, while our three main women are facing some challenges too. Min-Jeong and Yu-Ri have Seo-Woo’s well-being in common and both have some difficult choices to make that could affect the little girl.

So far, Hi Bye, Mama has been portraying death and the after life in quite the clever and intriguing way. While quite sad and harrowing at times, it also manages to keep things light-hearted with some well placed humour while still giving us some powerful messages as the weeks tick along, making it quite the enjoyable drama to watch each weekend.

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